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 May 1, 2017

May Day in America


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Democrats Celebrate         

Clinton and Obama Join the Resistance

There was a time when “May Baskets” and the “May Pole” brought joy to the youth of America. But, those days are long… long gone. The youth do not dance around the May Pole on May 1st to celebrate spring‘s return; what an absurdity that would be for them. Now, the young take to the streets and destroy things. The Democratic Party rejoices in the celebration of the resistance. For them, this is what democracy looks like. The “retired” Obama and the “beaten” Clinton have joined the resistance.

Anthony K. “Van” Jones, a self-described Communist and a regular contributor on ABC News, has described what we see across the Country as “The top-down, bottom-up, and inside-out strategy.” With Communists in the White House, the top-down part of the strategy was carried out by Obama.

 Clinton was supposed to pick up the “Red Banner” and continue the strategy in her presidency. The people got in the way of the Communist timeline with the Tea Party emergence in 2010.

 In 2016, the people got in the way again.  Clinton’s attack on America was stopped with the election of President Trump.

The Democrats will continue with their top-down, bottom-up, and inside-out strategy using the “Deep State” for their top-down vehicle. The Republicans will continue to do what they have done in the past. The globalist GOP will make noise and do nothing. Or, if the Democrats get in trouble, they will aid them.

If you have any doubts, consider the House version of the Continuing Resolution (CR). The Republicans funded the Democrats throughout the Obama administration and now they are testing to see if they can fund the same programs during President Trump’s administration. President Trump has indicated that he might sign the CR.

This revelation provoked members of the St Augustine Tea Party to express the following, “Hello Mr. President, I think this is where “Draining the Swamp” comes in. Your election was a revolution. Treat it as such! Arrange some prime time television coverage; speak from the Oval Office and talk directly to the American people. Lead the ‘Movement’ that elected you.  If you need support for your agenda, call on the people; you will have a million people on your doorstep. Don’t wait until September to shut down the government. Shutdown it down now; turn the sump pumps on and Drain the Swamp.”

Of course, the people could continue to focus on the Communist rioting in the streets and enjoy the festivities of May 1st instead.

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May 10, 2010

Demonstrators Alas, no Public

Today a group of Indivisibles St. Johns, radical leftists, showed up for a demonstration at the Castillo de San Marcos in the historic district of Augustine, Florida. Their right to freely carry signs on to the Federal Park grounds was expedited because of activities of the St. Augustine Tea Party some years ago. The National Park Service had established a zone for free speech activities. The Tea Party understood that the restriction of free speech was a Constitutional issue. They refused to accept the regulation. After great publicity, the regulations were changed. Today, the Communist Left benefited from the Tea Party’s First Amendment struggle.

The Tea Party was successful in this endeavor, because it had the backing of the people. This event that the Indivisibles St. Johns conducted had no support. From the photographs you can see that the only people who observed the event were Park officials. The man in black, above, was an Indivisible discussing the situation with the Park Rangers. The event lasted only one half hour.

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May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

By John Knapp

'Bringing a child into the world is the greatest act of hope there is.' ---Louise Hart

'Mama is the world's sweetest word.' ----Me

.....And yet, 'A mother's purpose is to be left.' ---- Unknown

'Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.'-----Kahlil Gibran

May 19, 2017                            

 Is there a Crack in the Wall of Indivisible

Resistance?                                                                                                                             FB Photos

TCCR reporters have been investigating various Indivisible Facebook postings. Since the House action on Repeal And Replace Obamacare on May 4, 2017, numerous individual Indivisible FB pages have gone silent or the postings are greatly reduced.

On a local level, the St. Augustine Tea Party has been following the  activities of a group known as Indivisible St. Johns. The Tea Party has engaged them in the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida, on a number of occasions. What’s self-evident is when the Indivisibles attempt to solicit public support, they get none. Now it appears that their membership is also waning.

 On January 30, 2017 an organizational meeting was held at the Galimore Center in St. Augustine. Based on their Facebook postings the facility was crowded beyond its 230 person capacity.

The second meeting on February 20, 2017, was held at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall.  Reports on the attendance vary greatly. One post claims 500. That would have been full capacity. Another post suggested 248. At any rate, the posts are very positive with attendees energized. The Indivisible St. Johns did not post any pictures of this event.

Then with great fanfare, the Indivisibles attempted to rent the St. Johns County Commissioner’s auditorium for their 3rd meeting. Their event was denied. This resulted in the meeting being held at the Pedro Menendez High School auditorium. The organizers must have anticipated a great attendance because the auditorium seats in excess of one thousand

Third Indivisible Meeting What Happen?

Picture Associated with the Event is a Fraud

FB Photo    

What happened to the third meeting is a valid question. A May 8, 2017 group meeting was scheduled on their FB for weeks. However, there are absolutely  no comment postings regarding the meeting.

The event posting is still present. The picture associated with the event, shown above, is not a picture taken at the Pedro Menendez High School auditorium. It appears to be a group of people at the Galimore Center. Who those people are is not clear.  Perhaps it is a picture of the people at their first meeting. The FB event posting shows that 27 people attended.

A blog post on the Indivisible’s FB, by Jim Henry states, “As I look around, I see a room filled with thoughtful, intelligent people.” One can only wonder how demoralizing 27 people in a venue that will seat a thousand would be. Jim Henry was a speaker at the May 8th event. The link to his speech is provided here. ” As I Look Around by Jim Henry. As you will see, it is a litany of grievances projected with fear and emotion.

                  “There is a fear that haunts my dreams. It is a fear that by not thinking, it is not we
                    who will disappear but rather our democracy.”

The “Inside-Out Strategy of the Communist Left is in full view. The fear that the individual will prevail and the collective will fail.

The Indivisibles had nothing to say about their grand third meeting on May 8th. They went on to report the success of their “Die In” at the Castillo de San Marcos on May 10th. Except that this event was conducted without public support. The only people who observed this event were Park Officials, as reported by our TCCR reporter on May 10th.

The Indivisible’s fake Tea Party will fail because they live in a dream of collective bliss.

The real Tea Party resides in the world of individual
“Common Sense.”
Thomas Paine was an American.
Karl Marx wasn’t.

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May 17, 2017


Indivisibles on Wrong Path

The Indivisible movement began with a bang, after the inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States. Modeled after the Tea Party movement, the Indivisibles mounted a resistance to President Trump in a fashion similar to the  Tea Party’s resistance to Obama.  The movement started with a document, first published online on December 14, 2016. The guide suggests that President Trump is not popular, has no mandate and lacks large Congressional majorities. Therefore, if a small minority Tea Party could stop Obama, the progressive majority can certainly stop President Trump. The guide  went on to describe the Tea Party as applying really nasty and violent strategies. Perhaps, Ezra Levin and the other authors of the document were projecting own their values, rather than describing the reality of the situation.

According to Tea Party sources, the populist Tea Party movement was never a minority, and still isn’t. And the Tea Party did not stop Obama. In fact, Obama’s agenda moved forward during his entire eight years; often with the cooperation of the Republican Party. The letter writing campaigns, the telephone calls, the town hall confrontations and the emails to Members of Congress were of no avail. Washington did exactly what they wanted to do. Even with a million people protesting in the streets around the Capital, Obamacare became law.

Indivisible Strategy Based on a Falsehood

Indivisibles are using a plan, which they falsely perceive, will stop Trump. They believe they can stop Trump by putting pressure on Members of Congress. It didn’t work for the Tea Party. It will not work for them. What did work for the Tea Party was an eight year program of awakening the American people to the dangers of the Communist left. They were also successful in overcoming Republican opposition to get some of their candidates elected. The Freedom Caucus in the House and a few Senators are the residue of the Tea Party efforts. And of course, their populist movement paved the way for President Trump’s victory. The Tea Party worked because, from the very beginning, they had a majority of the people.

The Democratic Party makes up about 25% of the electorate; of which 19% of them have been radicalized, according to the Tea Party’s “St. George Street” pollsters. The Indivisible Guide’s statement about a progressive majority is simply not true.

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May 23, 1016

When is Enough, Enough?

By John Knapp

22 kids are dead and over 50 injured at a music concert in Manchester, England, compliments of an Islamist suicide bomber who provided the fireworks for the grand finale. The ever-peaceful 'religion' of Islam strikes again.

How timely, this deed of inexplicable madness, that the still-warm speeches President Donald Trump has just given in the middle east regarding the world-wide threat from terrorism, have been so well-underlined with the blood of Western innocents!

Even more importantly, how perfectly this act of utter brutality and cowardice underlines former president Obama's cowardice - nay, complicity - in addressing this abscessed world-wide (but, mostly the Western-world) menace.
Houston, we have a liberal-leftist problem....
How this act of murder should cut the legs out from under any western officials who advocate for immigration from world locales that have simmered in such behavior for over a thousand years. Islam, stripped down to Cliff-notes, is neither 'peaceful' nor 'religion', but more of a master war plan for its adherents, a collusion of the criminally insane.

Western cultures and eastern cultures cannot co-exist together, for they each are built on philosophies far too different from one another. Western philosophy is built on principles that (middle-eastern) philosophy abhors and intends to crush, one way or another.

So, the west is oil, to middle-eastern vinegar. It's red ants vs. black ants, right down the line. If we acquiesce, the West will surely die. And that would be our just desserts, for being too stupid to live.  

A day or two before President Trump left on his trip to the Middle East, he directed the Pentagon to 'obliterate' ISIS. The world needs to get behind that idea, wherever it leads, until ISIS - and all their like-minded terrorist brethren-affiliates - are safely converted to dust on the ash heap of history.

Leftist (western) public officials and bureaucrats who've made excuses for terrorist behavior should be driven from office, as they are complicit, and not fit for the leadership of anything. Their free speech rights notwithstanding, they should be shamed away from having public jobs or podium privileges ever again. Or TV commentary time, for they are bigger moral cowards than the terrorists.

It's way past 'go' time, people.

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May 25, 2017

Mayor Shaver Addresses Tea Party

Mayor Nancy Shaver addressed members of the St. Augustine Tea Party at their open meeting on May 22, 2017 at the Village Inn. Exactly two years prior, Mayor Shaver addressed the same group. The Mayor revealed that her views have not changed substantially since her previous visit.

As a person who spent most of her life in private business, the Mayor suggested that one of the major differences between the private sector and government is that many people participating in government are good at getting elected, but are not so good at governing. The implication being that in private business, you produce or you’re gone; which is not necessarily true in government.

 “Governmental decisions need to be correct because the time between conception and the completion is often great,” she said. As an example, planning for traffic control and the creation of new roads to implement the plan, can take a great deal of time. “You have to be right at the beginning. The costs in the time are just too high.”

Mayor Shaver expressed concern about what she perceives as an increase in nuisance flooding in the historic district and other parts of the city. She discussed her concern about the gravity fed sewage system and the flooding. The Mayor has concluded that the city does not have the funds to deal with the problem. The city would have to look elsewhere.

The Mayor believes that the problem will only increase with rising ocean levels. When Tea Party members challenged the idea that the ocean levels were rising, Mayor Shaver revealed that she based her opinion on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) findings. However, the Mayor did not wish to engage in the global warming controversy.

At which point, SATP Chairman, Lance Thate pointed out, “You can’t have rising ocean levels without global warming. The water has to come from somewhere and that somewhere is glacial melt waters. Glaciers melt because of rising temperatures.”

Continuing, the SATP Chairman said, “Some Tea Party members believe that global warming is not occurring at all. Others believe that global warming is occurring, but has nothing to do with man’s activities.” 97% of the carbon dioxide naturally occurs and is processed by the earth and recycled; only 3% is attributed to human activity. According to Mr. Thate, global warming and cooling cycles have been occurring for millions of years.

He went on to explain historical geology confirms that global warming and cooling are self correcting occurrences. Much of the Earth’s stored solar heat is transferred around the globe by a long-term ocean current known as the Global Conveyor Belt. If this current is slowed down or stopped completely, it has catastrophic affects on Earth’s climate. Freshwater glacier melt in the Greenland area of the North Sea has the capacity to create such an event.

“These are not issues that politicians and government can deal with. These are issues that politicians and government exploit. The global warming issue is an attempt to control people and destroy the capitalist system and is part of the UN’s agenda 2030 plan,” the SATP Chairman said.

 In a separate interview with the Tea Party Chairman, the following statement was made,

“The real issues regarding future climate conditions should be based on scientific analysis. When science
 is politicized, it isn’t science at all. Scientific reports and evaluations coming from government employees must be evaluated with a high level of skepticism. The “Deep State” has an agenda. And scientists at our universities who receive federal grants also need to be evaluated with a high level of skepticism. Whether
 we are going to have a New York City, flooded or bulldozed over with the great glacier is something that government cannot control. Objective science shows that global warming results in the triggering great cooling events. The tug-of-war between warm periods and cold periods seems to be a permanent part of
 our environment. We understand that humanity has survived these catastrophic events in the past. As a matter of fact, a “Mini Ice Age” occurred between 1645 and 1715. This was preceded by the “Medieval
Warm Period”. We believe, with the ‘Common Sense’ that God gave us, we will survive, come what may, in the future”

Mayor Nancy Shaver and the St. Augustine Tea Party (SATP) have differing views, particularly as they apply to the rising sea level issue in St. Augustine. However, we can report that the meeting demonstrated civility. The members of the SATP and the Myor appeared to have mutual respect for each other and they spoke in terms of a future encounter.

Perhaps those ain Washington should look to the Tea Party and Mayor Shaver for guidance.

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May 24, 2017

Guest Editorial       

Florida Education will remain in the toilet as long as Tallahassee is Driving

Stop Experimenting with our Children’s Futures
Florida public education is not a commercial experiment, but that is what Jeb Bush and company have made it, and the Legislature is playing his game.

When Bush claimed to be “The Education Governor” Florida was ranked near the bottom in national education. After eight years of his chest-pounding, where were we?

By the best measure, Florida is 47th. In a state that is home to NASCAR, we know “second place is the first loser.” That would make us the 46th loser.

Florida education will remain in the toilet as long as Tallahassee is driving. Here’s a fact: The best public schools in the U.S. have always been in states that have local control and local funding.

Our legislators, with a very few exceptions, are clueless regarding education. I base that on my personal knowledge of what went on in 2010, when Common Core was codified by the Tallahassee brain trust. My experience from visits to Tallahassee confirm that the Legislature never knew what Common Core was when they approved it, and some have said that they should take another hard look.

So when did that “hard look” happen in the last three years?

Good charter schools should be celebrated and rewarded, and good public schools should be treated equally. Consider that good national charters will not come to Florida because the per-student rate will not support their program. Failing schools (public and charter) should be terminated, now! The shelf life of our next generation is far too important for “experiments” in a system that has been rejected by well-known educational experts. Those experts as you will recall were Sandra Stotsky, James Milgram and others who received the 21st century award for being professional and truthful: They were deleted!

Scott was made accountable by this session of the Legislature with regard to Visit Florida and Enterprise Florida because of accountability issues, and rightfully so. Now the governor needs to hold the Legislature accountable for lack of return on investment on our greatest resource, Florida’s next generation.

What starts bad ends bad, and it started with Jeb Bush.

Dennis McDonald,
Palm Coast

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