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It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.” –Samuel Adams

Town Crier Committee Report

August 24. 2015

Trump Wins 3rd Party Poll
Jeb Bush, the Big Loser in St. George Street Poll, Hillary Flopped

The most recent St. George Street Poll has Donald Trump winning by nearly two lengths ahead of Jeb Bush. Hillary Clinton ran dead last in this three way race in the latest ‘spot poll’ on St. George Street, St. Augustine, Florida. The results of the St. George Street ‘Spot Poll’ of August 22, 2015 are as follows:

·       Trump                                      55%

·       Bush                                         28%

·       Clinton                                     10%

·       None of the Above                  7%

“Trump has simply changed the political race track. No longer is it controlled by the two party bosses. The third rail has electrified the disenfranchised American voters. This phenomenon is similar to the 2010 election when the Tea Party Movement gave the House back to the Republicans. But the GOP screwed over the Tea Party after the 2010 landslide victory. Then they lost all credibility after winning the Senate, by doing nothing to reverse Obamacare. The progressive GOP leadership lied to party loyalists and the Tea Party, as well. Voters who had no other place to mark their ballots, three million of them, simply stayed home in the 2012 Presidential Election. Still the “Grand Old Party” hadn’t learned a thing…till the Trumpster’s arrival. And even now, the RNC backroom response is to get rid of Trump.

Early indications are that the shunned Tea Party vote is favoring Donald Trump…big time. The prime reason, according to the Town Crier crew who does the St. George Street Poll, is Trump’s brash verbal attack on the PC crowd. Trump has put a stake in the heart of Politically Correct speech and the beast is bleeding to death before our eyes. The Wicked Witch of the Left has been exposed as the arch deceiver of the American people and the newly released munchkins are rejoicing! “Long live the Trumpster. Man, if he can’t do it…nobody can”. From coast to coast, there is rejoicing as the People are re-discovering Free Speech, again. “And the Left can kiss our asses as we run over their PC bull”, said Dave Heimbold, SATP Media Guy, and one of the St. George Pollsters.

The question asked of the endless stream of American tourists from all over the 50 States was this:

“Of these three candidates (Trump – Bush – Hillary) who would you vote for if the three were running for President?” The voters had to be over 18 years of age and were picked at random as they strolled down St. George Street.

Not only has Trump, single-handedly, discredited PC but, he has removed the Republican (R) myth that there are only two Parties…and that ‘Conservatives’ have, by default, no choice other than voting Republican. With results like those stated above, the Independent (I) is looking good as a third alternative. Independents now out-number (Ds) and (Rs), combined. The writing is on the Wall for the (Rs); “You have been found wanting; and the kingdom has been taken away from you…and given to another who is better than you!” Long Live The Trumpster! “The Tea party Lives on 4 you!” said the SATP Media Guy with joy.


August 23, 2015

Trump Beats Bush and Hillary is not a Factor in local Florida poll

The St. Augustine Tea Party’s Town Crier Committee has been conducting polls for some time now, in the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida. The polls have come to be known as “The St. George Street Poll”. The poll is named after the street that runs through the heart of the historic district. Polls on St. George Street are national in nature. Looking for a demographic that was largely ‘local’ in nature, the pollsters selected the St. Augustine Farmer’s Market as a polling location. The market is located in St. Augustine, which is largely Democratic. St. Augustine is located in a county that is largely Republican. The pollsters thought the market would be a good representation of what the general public would do in a three-way race. The St. George Street poll is a face-to-face poll of the public on a random selection. Poll was conducted on August 22, 2015. The results are as follows:

Bush                           37%
·       Trump                        48%
·       Clinton                         2%
None of the above      13%

According to the pollsters, many of the “none of the above” category were Democrats. They simply could not vote for Hillary. But neither could they vote for a Republican. Many of the Republican voters who were for Trump indicated that if Bush is the Republican candidate, they would vote for Trump if he ran as an independent. The public attitude clearly reflects dissatisfaction with the elite controllers of both parties. Perhaps this is what it looks like when a new political party is in the making. 


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