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It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.”  – Samuel Adams

Town Crier Committee Report


October 25, 2014

Is Anyone going to vote in this Election? Apathy Runs High

The Town Criers, a committee of the Saint Augustine Tea Party, took to the streets today to test the public’s enthusiasm for what might well be the  The Criers report that public apathy is higher, regarding politicians and the election process, than at any time since the Tea Party’s emergence in 2009.  most important election in the history of our Country.                                                                                                                    
The Town Criers have been engaging a national audience in the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida for over three years. [See

Tea Party Well Received

While the Tea Party presence was well received, the public showed no interest in the coming election.  They responded to the politically incorrect signs, but did not respond to the “Vote” sign pictured above.  The Vote sign was created in 2010.  Back then, it was well received. The Tea Party delivered a substantial victory for Republicans in 2010. By 2012, the “Vote” sign had less appeal.  With the Romney candidacy, enough Tea Party Republicans withdrew to give Obama a second term.  Today, not one single person of either party engaged the Town Criers regarding voting and the election. “Well, there was one exception. The man pictured, left, with the sign in front of construction on St George Street, was independently engaging the electorate. He seemed surprised to hear that Libertarians are turning to the Tea Party movement.  Young Libertarians, who once called us “Neo-Cons”, are responding to the Town Criers in a positive way. [http://www.examiner.com/article/the-face-of-the-tea-party-is-changing-look-at-all-the-young-faces] The Tea Party is becoming the “Big Tent” that the Republicans talk about. GOP progressive leadership only talks “Big Tent”, but they fear Libertarians and Constitutionalists,” a Town Crier explained.

Low Voter Turnout Expected?

Low voter turnout is a real possibility for both parties based on the apathy demonstrated by the public today. Low voter turnout usually favors the GOP.  “It is entirely possible that the Senate may change hands. That will leave the Republicans with a ‘put up or shut up’ situation.  History shows us that the Republicans will fail yet again,” another Town Crier said.

Tea Party in the Wings

This election, and then Constitutional governance, is the GOP’s last chance.  “Only the Tea Party has the public’s respect. Republican failure will lead to a new majority party,” a Tea Party spokesman concluded.

October 19, 2014

Half-Past The Democrat Waterloo, Finally?
By John Knapp

What should be coming in November, 2014, has been a very long time in the making...this political and moral affliction brought on America by the Democrat Party. They deserve what they are hopefully going to get. They've achieved mastery over the rest of us, bit by onerous bit, trying for generations to break the greatest and most exceptional political beginning that exceptional men have ever bequeathed to humanity. America's outrage may soon be delivered upon the heads of Barack Obama, the Democrats (The Animal House Party of American politics), and this inept, monstrosity of over-funded government. Is a three-for too much to hope for?

For a hundred years, The Animal House Party has been trying to talk, bully, regulate, and swindle Americans out of their beloved American heritage and their American-ness. The Animal House Party stands for nothing, because it stands for anything and everything, particularly anything which discredits the ideals, the traditions, the freedoms, the rugged individualism, the sense of personal responsibility, and the Christian beliefs which built this country to its greatness. How ironic that these same American qualities, once shed, will no longer be there to sustain the 'new' America The Animal House Party wishes to rule?  Should the AHP actually succeed, its 'success' will be simultaneously self-defeating.

Progressivism, that mis-named umbrella under which liberals, Socialists, Marxists, and Communists hide, has been reaching for the American brass ring through two Roosevelts, a Wilson, a Carter, a Clinton, and now, His Disgracefulness. (I am loathing to call him President Obama.) Lest I be accused of being completely in the tank against The Animal House Party, I will admit Presidents Nixon, Ford, Bush (the Elder), and Bush (the Younger) occasionally acquiesced in the lousy Progressive agenda. Where is there any sense in Right compromising with Wrong?

Conservatism is hard, supposedly, in that one must work for what one earns; that one has a right to keep that which he has earned; that he should not have to beg permission to eat that bread he has rightfully earned; and what tax he pays to government is not a waste of his labors. Put another way, doesn't almost everyone agree, for God's sake, that a National Park bear should, for its own good, be forced to embrace the basic working principles of conservatism?

The Animal House Party, on the other hand, believes in just the opposite, that all bread is community bread, that governments are mainly instituted among men for the purpose of redistributing the bread from those who actually earn it to those who are politically 'entitled' to it. However, the founding documents of this country make it plain the American People are not to be the hapless spoils of political parties and the extra-Constitutional governments those parties attempt to create.

Jealousy and envy are a cheap and easy sell to a crowd that's been taught by its government to covet and expect things, just because they want them. This is basic Animal House Party philosophy, where all incentive is eventually stolen or repressed, accordingly, and the poor, in ever-increasing numbers, are forever confirmed in their inertia. How evil the man - and his ideology - who would steal any man's incentive to honorably provide for himself, his family, and their future?

For six long years, we have watched as the leader of The Animal House Party, a man who'd had all his public records sealed at great expense, a man who was not even Constitutionally-eligible for the office to which he was elected twice, try to 'transform' this country's long-standing traditions straight into the dirt. He has trashed this country at home and abroad. He has defiled the Constitution he (cavalierly) took an oath to preserve, protect, and defend. He has violated Citizens' rights, usurped powers, invented powers, and sowed seeds of public discord, and facilitated distrust of and disrespect for almost all of America's long-standing, vital institutions. He has betrayed America's allies and befriended America's enemies. And all this while, we have witnessed one unbelievable, outrageous scandal after another on the side.

Yet, for all the high crimes and misdemeanors emanating from inside this administration, perhaps the worst is His Disgracefulness' lack of performance in the face of the Ebola threat. Whether due to his incompetence, or through some deliberate, malicious intent, this may prove to be a long put-off Waterloo for His Disgracefulness, his Animal House Party, and the incompetent, hopelessly politically correct, out-of-control government that steadily dogs America.

Ebola is an October surprise that even the lowest information voter can wrap his misinformed mind around. There are no atheists in foxholes, they say. Nothing seems to focus the mind like the prospects of one's own death. Even a cock roach knows to scurry when the kitchen light suddenly comes on.
There are a little over two weeks before the November 4th election. Ordinary political disagreements aside, that's two more weeks for public outrage about the miserable mishandling of the Ebola crisis to come to a boil.

Two more weeks for low-information voters to catch up to the vulnerabilities now foisted upon them by The Animal House Party, His Disgracefulness' malfeasance, and the inept government they thought they could count on.

Two more weeks for enough low-information voters to get up to speed, to help sweep The Animal House Party into the gutter where it belongs.

Two more weeks for a majority of Americans to decide America is supposed to be a better country than accommodating The Animal House Party's perverse ideology, and having to stand aside while an unopposed, lawless, pathological, narcissistic, dissembling, lunatic-Marxist-ideologue-of-a-President continues on his thoroughly anti-American rampage.

Pray for a huge turnout November 4. Pray for a political Waterloo.


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