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Town Crier Committee Report

September 30, 2014

Celebrating Surviving 14 Years With ALS

Matthew Patterson is the Editor of the Tally in Tallahassee for the Town Crier Committee Report. Recently, Matthew had a struggle with complications from ALS and the service was interrupted. The ‘Tally’ feature will be back up shortly.

According to Matthew, living with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) is like being in a war, on the front lines, every day. Matthew’s most recent fight was with pneumonia, which went on 4-5 weeks. It almost killed him. But his wife, Carmen, was by his side... suctioning him when he was choking, constant care 24/7. It eventually made her sick, too, with the same. Both of them then, were being carted off to a specialist for ‘at home’ pneumonia treatment. They took three trips to Orange Park and two trips to the Emergency Room. And Matthew’s mother, Barbara, has also been by his side through this and all those years suffering along with him.

ALS is no walk in the park. Matthew can't walk, talk or eat real food. He can't scratch an itch, brush his own teeth, or swing his arms to swat a fly. By now, you have heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge to bring awareness to this dreadful disease. You may know something about ALS. But you probably have not experienced it. Matthew has and he has a lot to share because
doesn’t affect his brain function at all. Unfortunately, the ALS 'researchers' don't seem to care about Matthew. They are getting a windfall of contributions from the Ice Bucket Challenge for research, but no one has ‘researched him'. That is, studied Matthew’s case, asked him questions or even made a cordial visit in the past 14 years. Wouldn’t you think that they would want to ask him, "How have you survived for 14 years with ALS, when the majority of victims die in 2-5 years?" There has been no interest, not then, not now.

Matthew might even be ‘the break-through’ in the making. But he is like the 'invisible man'. "They have been doing 'research' for the 14 years that Matt has had ALS and many years prior, still no cure. How about Matt? Why don't they 'research’ his daily 'protocol’? asked a Town Crier spokesman.” They might learn something from his case that can help other ALS victims”.

Most importantly, Matthew is still alive. He’s still here in St. Augustine, Florida. He has been waiting for someone from the ALS Association Headquarters to show up and say, ‘Hello’. But, nothing! No calls. No interest, no nothing according to the family.

Matthew Patterson has survived ALS for almost 14 years, this January. For the next three months, he’ll be celebrating, since he can only do things at a snail’s pace. For instance, Matthew writes an e-mail with his cheek muscle, using EZ Keys on the computer since he can't move his arms, hands or fingers. It takes a lot of time. That’s how he does his editorial work for the Town Crier Report. 

Matt’s family has set up ‘Matthew's Bucket Fund’ at TD Bank, to help him raise funds to purchase a new handicap van. The one he has is 17 years old and not in the best condition. Being the unselfish person Matt is, he would like to be able to use some of the money to help others with ALS. Just spend one day with Matthew. That's all the 'research' you will need. 

Families need help every day. There is no holiday from ALS. ALS is a Family Disease. There is always a need: Financial needs, emotional support, nursing care and drivers. Most importantly: giving primary care-givers a day off, now and then, from their 24/7 routine.    

The Town Crier staff urges you to donate to this local, grass roots, charity.   If you would like to help, any donation to the Matthew's Bucket Fund, at any TD Bank, will be appreciated. Plus, you don't have to pour ice water on your head! But if you do, send your video around to your mailing list and mention Matthew’s Bucket Fund at TD Bank. Thank you.


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