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April 26, 2016


GOP Uses Shenanigans in Florida Delegate Selection              

The Republican Party of Florida’s (RPOF) Congressional District 6 Caucus met Saturday, April 2, 2016,  at the Volusia County Republican Headquarters in Holly Hill , Florida. The Caucus was made up of GOP Officials  from Volusia, Flagler,  St. Johns and Putnam Counties. They were there to elect 3 Delegates and 3 Alternate Delegates to represent Congressional District 6 (CD-6) at  the Republican National Convention in Cleveland  Ohio.

In an attempt to investigate the process of the actual delegate selection, this publication sent a reporter to the caucus. This person, a Republican Executive Committee member, an enthusiastic Trump supporter and Tea Party activist made an application to be considered as a delegate to the upcoming Republican National Convention. Our insider also attended the Holly Hill conference to assess the process of delegate selection which the whole country is talking about. The general public is under the impression that delegates represent candidates who won their primaries. According to the AP, Donald Trump won the Florida GOP Primary with 45.7% of the vote, Rubio at 27% and Cruz at 17.1%. With this impressive performance, Trump secured all 99 delegates. Trump was the winner in 66 of Florida’s 67 counties. The only County Trump did not win was Marco Rubio’s home base, Miami-Dade County. In spite of Mr. Trump’s impressive showing, we can report that the delegate selection has nothing to do with the Primary results. We can also report that the Never-Cruz and Never-Trump groups were not primary factors as is widely reported in National media. The real process is just a “Good Ol’ Boy” reward system, which is really about maintaining the status quo. The system employed in Florida is the favored process among a majority of states of the nation.
Cruz Trump Delegate Disputes are a Smokescreen To Cover Up Back Room Deals
According to William Korach’s message to St Johns County Republican Executive Committee (SJC REC) members, “One Delegate and two alternate Delegates were elected from St. Johns County; SJC REC Chairman, William Korach was elected Delegate; Paul Porter and Stuart Epperson were elected as Alternate Delegates. Remaining Delegates were from Volusia County; CD-6 Caucus Chairman, Tony Ledbetter and Republican State Committeeman,  Alan Burton who were elected Delegates and Joseph Fieldus, Volusia County Trump Campaign Chairman was elected as an Alternate Delegate.

Our insider reports that the delegate selections were all made before the caucus. Shameful back room deals between St. Johns and Volusia Counties’ party officials trading money and/or influence for delegate seats for the Republican Convention in July. An upstart Tea Party activist who dared to apply for a delegate seat was admonished  and the right to be a Precinct Captain  was challenged by SJC REC Chairman, William Korach. In addition, anonymous threats of libel lawsuits were received. Eric West, Recording Secretary of the SJC REC, took it upon himself to define the process, implying that it was an honor to serve as a delegate, at the National Convention, that was bestowed on people who provided exceptional service to the party. Caucus attendees went further and suggested the seats could be bought by making substantial donations. This true picture of delegate selection is covered up by the Cruz, Trump delegation disputes.

The long-standing reward tradition that some call corruption and others call honorable resulted in two counties, Putnam and Flagler, receiving no representation at all. Trump was not the only one who got a raw deal. Women and people of color were left out for consideration circumventing RPOF rule 10.D.5. This rule requires racial and gender representation to be a factor. All delegates and alternates selected were older white men. The failure to adhere to  10.D.5 was brought to the attention of Blaise Ingoglia, Chairman RPOF pictured right. His response was, “…… Rule 10D5 is not a mandate for equal representation. It is an apparational goal. The law of averages basically evens this out over the course of the delegate selection process.”Clearly the rules are intended to be broken for the good of the party’s leadership. Ingoglia is known by some as a “Party Animal” and is associated with the Jeb Bush-Marco Rubio, wing of GOP in Florida.

GOP Corruption Extends all the way to Precinct Level

The Chairman of the St. Augustine Tea Party (SATP), Lance Thate, recently addressed the Greater Republican Club of St. Augustine. His presentation was primarily a discussion of various accomplishments of the SATP over the past five years. The Republicans appeared  to be impressed with level of the Tea Party’s activity. Many of the Republican Club’s members expressed their concern about the GOP leadership in Washington. This was in response to Thate’s criticism of Jeb Bush and the progressive wing of the Republican Party. While there are many good conservative Republicans at the local level, the party leadership on a precinct level is grossly influenced by the Republican Party of Florida, which is greatly influenced by the Republican National Committee. “The tactics that we experienced in the writing of this article are the same as  I experienced as a former REC member representing the 508th precinct of St Johns County, Florida. In the name of “Party Loyalty”, anyone who would dare to be critical of the Party would come under attack and would be threatened. Clearly, no one who wished to advance within the party would dare expose the party’s corruption,” SATP Chairman Thate explained. Continuing, “We’ve seen it all before as our Tea Party struggled with the Republican party’s policy of control or destroy. We have never demonstrated in front of the Democratic Executive Committee Building because they just hate us and that’s OK. The Republicans, on the other hand, never shared our views, but wanted to control us because of the numbers we could turn out at the Tea Party rallies. The SATP protested at numerous REC activities and meetings to gain our independence. One such demonstration is shown above. Now here we are with our Tea Party candidates in their craw and they can’t spit us out. 140 million dollars and Bush got his butt kicked. Karl Rove is the  progressive architect of failure.

The Tea Party Movement is now called the Anti-Establishment by some. Call them what you will; they’re still the same people. Half are in the Cruz camp, the other half in the Trump camp. And, the delegates are just made up of party hacks. Are these the faces of people you want making the decisions? Party insiders have been doing the “process” so long that they don’t even see the corruption. Will “dirty tricks politics”  save the Country as the GOP bickers about the "process"? And, all the while the Democratic Party defecates on the Nation with their brand of corruption. The Tea Party lives.

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