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August 21, 2016   

No One is Listening to Establishment Media
Results of the Latest Trump-Clinton Poll

Since the conclusion of the DNC convention, the media has been on a “Blitzkrieg" against Donald Trump. Not since the McCarthy days of the 50s has the assault been so universal and so relentless. According to the 'special interest' polls, Donald Trump supposedly has been forced into a deep cavern, from which he will never recover

Mr. Trump is about to be knocked out for the count. It is a done deal. It's hopeless...or so claims the establishment media. The campaign is over! The damage inflicted on Trump is far in excess of any candidate’s conventional advertising capacity. No one, not even Trump, has a war chest of funds capable of stopping the establishment media's attack. Has Donald Trump finally been stopped? Well, not exactly. Consider the results of the St. George Street Poll:

For approximately the last 18 months, the St. Augustine Tea Party, through its Town Crier Committee, has been conducting random selection, with face-to-face polls in the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida. Five million people visit the district per year. People from every state in the Union are represented. The demographic is national. A poll taken on August 20, 2016 revealed the following:

Trump       61%

Hillary       24%

Neither     15%

If you consider the poll that was taken on April 30, 2016, you will see that Hillary Clinton has gained 6%. It is the best performance she has had in 18 months. The roar of the media cannons clearly has been heard, but the public is not listening. Donald Trump has remained, consistently, around 60% for the past 18 months. “It’s Morning in America again,” a Tea Party member said. Please like our Face Book page.

August 18, 2016

Glenn Beck has a Virus
An Open Letter to Glenn Beck

Dear Mr. Beck;

I have followed your career since your days at CNN. Every day at 5 o’clock I made it my business to watch your show on Fox News. I have never had an interest in “The Five”. Your investigative reporting served the country well. Your exposure of Van Jones and others, as Communist operatives, in the White House, the caliphate exposure, your connection of Obama to the radical revolutionary tactics of Saul Alinsky, the money interface with George Soros, all served to help preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Liberty of American people. Thank you for your service.

I lost track of you when you left Fox News, except for an occasional interview here and there. Several months ago I acquired access to “The Blaze” programming. I was surprised to find that you had endorsed a politician and were actively campaigning for him. I had always viewed you in terms of an investigative media personality determined to seek the truth. You have demonstrated that you have the capacity to transmit that truth with great skill to your listening audience.

Your ability to look down the road and to see what’s beyond the curve has always been very impressive. Your connecting the dots and predicting the future, has been remarkably accurate. However, when you joined the political intrigue, as an operative for Ted Cruz, a large piece of your credibility was chipped away. And now, you persist in doing yourself great harm, by continuing your political attack on Mr. Trump. The primary is over and your candidate did not win. I can understand your disappointment because my first two choices are not in the race either.

Mr. Beck you have contracted a virus …a political virus. It is attacking the body of your work. The fever that accompanies this illness is causing you to use poor reasoning in defining Mr. Trump.  His attack on political correctness with the use of four word sentences allowed Mr. Trump to play the media…a strategy which won him the primary. You are, in your fever induced confusion, allowing the establishment's “Dirty Tricks” dialogue and Trump’s own four word sentences to define Trump and Clinton as equal partners in evil. If Jeb Bush had been the Republican nominee, I could agree with you that both candidates were equally evil as the Bush and the Clinton families are political crime organizations. You recently compared the country, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in an analogy. It involved a baby, a microwave and a blender.  You consider the nation in the hands of these two people as equally dangerous. I believe that your body is wracked with fever disabling your normal perceptive talents. Your political virus is making you appear arrogant. Your job is to present the truth to the American electorate. It is the people’s job to determine the future, not yours.

My loyalty has always been to the “Tea Party Movement” and Donald Trump does not represent that movement. Mr. Trump got on board our train; he commandeered the train and renamed it the “Trump Train”. I am not happy about this but I do see the reality of the situation. Under a Hillary administration, we will not be able to apply our constitutional principles. Under a Trump administration, we will be able to apply those principles and can try to bring Mr. Trump along. In the meantime, we, in the Tea Party Movement, will be on a side track waiting for our next assignment, in the cause of Liberty. Glenn, take a cold shower of truth to reduce your body temperature and starve the political fever. I hope you continue your investigative reporting of the truth and abandon this political operative experiment.

Lance Thate, Editor and Publisher of the Town Crier Report

August 23, 2016

Suppression of Political Free Speech is Tyranny

Photos by TCC Staff

Tyranny at the Beach

On August 23, 2016, a group of St. Augustine Tea Party (SATP) volunteers assembled at the St. Augustine Beach City Hall to protest recent action by the City Commissioners to restrict political free speech on City property. According to David Heimbold, SATP Media Chairman, “A considerable number of signs were along the road in front of City Hall on Saturday. When I returned on Sunday .all the signs were gone." Mr. Heimbold was acting as an individual on behalf of Debra Maynard, a candidate for Sheriff in St. Johns County. Mr. Heimbold called the St. Augustine Beach Police Dept. to question why the signs were removed. The officer who responded had no explanation for the occurrence.

Rose Bailey, a candidate for St. Augustine Beach Commissioner seat 2, reported that the City Manager had no knowledge of the sign removals. “These restrictions on speech are always done on weekends with no fanfare,” Bailey said.

Other candidates present were Peter Royal running for mosquito control and Kelly Lorbeer running for Republican State Committeewoman for St. John’s County.

“The Tea Party does not endorse political candidates. But some of its members are supporting or running for elected office,” Lance Thate, SATP Chairman explained. Continuing Thate said, “The Tea Party has been involved in First Amendment issues, in the area, since 2011. We have been successful in eliminating restrictions on free speech on both Federal and County lands. About a year ago, we expanded free speech at Pier Park, which is located in St. Augustine Beach. We believe some of the players involved in the restricting of free speech at the Park are the same as those who are trying to restrict political speech at City Hall.”

According to the “St. Augustine Record”, a few weeks ago, an ordinance was passed regarding signage in the City of St. Augustine Beach. “The Tea Party would like to remind the Commissioners who voted 5 to 0 for the measure, that they are bound by their oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Florida. Free speech is not something for them to decide regardless as to what a Jacksonville Lawyer with an agenda might say. The Tea Party vows that this is not the end of the issue, it is the beginning,” protesters unanimously agreed on. Please like our Face Book page.

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