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"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." - Samuel Adams
Town Crier Committee Report

August 16, 2014

Tea Party answers to a higher calling

Today the Saint Augustine Tea Party’s Town Crier Committee, again, took to the streets of the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida. It is simply amazing to see the public’s reaction to the Tea Party presence. Bill O’Reilly’s TV program “The Factor” often takes to the streets. The Factor engages the public on a national basis, by sending Jesse Watters around the country.

The Town Criers of St. Augustine, Fl. need not travel, as a national audience comes to St Augustine each day. Jesse Watters’ seems to always find extremely uninformed people to interview in his Watters’ World segment. The Town Criers report that the people they engage are very well informed. “Perhaps the O’Reilly show finds that ratings are higher when they exploit uninformed people. Our committee is not ratings driven. We answer to a higher calling……seeking the Truth. The public we meet tend to be very well informed,” a Town Crier spokesman said.

The Town Criers see the real world, not the media world

When the Republicans controlled the Saint Augustine Tea Party the leadership was always terrified of what the Town Criers might say or do,” a Tea Party member recalled.
 “We were expected to be Republicans, not the Tea Party.” The Town Criers were reminded of this when a man, pictured left, announced that he was a Republican. He had difficulty selecting from the politically incorrect signs. It seems Republicans are always afraid of public confrontation. He chose the least offensive.

Silent majority silent no more

Back in the Nixon years, the conservative majority was referred to as a silent majority. With the Progressive’s current full assault on liberty, Conservatives can no longer afford that luxury. So when a leftist today announced that he hated the Tea Party, the Criers declared, “You are a Marxist!” He responded with, “It would be a better world.” This engaged a litany that started with, “Liberals lie, they lie about who they are and what their agenda really is.” With another Crier, they stated in unison, “If you like your healthcare, you can keep your healthcare. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.” This was all done so that the public presence could hear the exchange. The Marxist ran off and the public clearly supported the Tea Party’s effort. “The Tea Party answers to a higher calling. Resistance is exposing the progressive lie. Time to stand up, America.” a Tea Party member concluded.

August 11, 2014

The St. Augustine Tea Party, Inc., aka. Florida’s Tea Party, believes that the voting booth is a 'sacred place'.  In America we have a "secret ballot."  You are not obligated to tell anyone who you voted for or who you are about to vote for.The St. Augustine Tea Party does not endorse political candidates.  However, we do have a list of candidates with whom we have had personal, real life experiences and, thus, they are on our NOT TO VOTE FOR list:

Not to Vote For
Republican Primary, St. Johns County, Aug. 26, 2014
(Early Voting starts Aug 15th): 

Florida State Senator, Dist. 6: Not to Vote For. John Thrasher

Time to replace Thrasher:

1. Sen. Thrasher did not lift a finger to support the grass roots bill, The 2nd Amendment Preservation Act,  to add muscle to the Second Amendment in case the Obama Administration     attempts to confiscate our guns by ‘Executive Order’
2. Sen. Thrasher
immediately and vigorously supported Common Core, despite the overwhelming vote of the St. Johns REC rejecting Common Core and the outcry of Moms and Dads statewide against this UN scheme.

Do Not Re-elect Senator Thrasher.

County Commissioner, Dist. 2: Not to Vote For. Ron Sanchez
Commissioner Ron Sanchez is a bully. His primary duty, in his mind, as Commissioner, was and is to protect Administrator Michael  Wanchick’s ‘Golden Parachute’ retirement, which he pushed through and bragged about then and, recently, in a Record article. Enforcer Ron Sanchez had Tea Party members ejected from a Wanchick evening presentation without cause. Recently, a woman in a public meeting was berated by Sanchez for daring to ask a question about Wanchick.

Do Not Re-elect Ron Sanchez County Commissioner, Dist. 2:

Not to Vote For. Kim Kendall

Kim Kendall is politically savvy. Unfortunately, Kim Kendall has questionable alliances. Last election, which she lost, Randy Covington was her campaign manager. Randy was removed from the Republican Executive Committee and lost his prestigious seat as State Committeeman from St. Johns County. Adding insult to injury, Mr. Covington also lost his election bid to the independent Anastasia Mosquito Control Board last  election. He moved to Pennsylvania but is still messing with St. Johns County politics.    Mr. Covington is on the Board of the newly formed St. Johns County Republican  Assembly. Not surprisingly, this newly formed group has    endorsed Kim Kendall which will most likely insure her defeat. 

Do Not elect Kim Kendall County Commissioner, Dist. 4;

Not to Vote For. Jay Morris

No doubt about it, Jay Morris has many accomplishments. From what we  have heard out of his own mouth, he may be over-qualified for the job. At   a certain level, at the top of the ladder, one delegates authority. Hands on research is done by a subordinate. Thus, details may be missed. Case in point: Denver Cook, a candidate for Dist. 4, revealed to the Board, a letter   to the Candidates re: gargantuan fines from $118.00 for the first offense up to $5000.00. And jail time, for misplacing political signage? All Mr. Cook got was yawns from the Board. Just days later, Candidate Cook was   advocating for the Sign Guys, on the streets where they twirl  ad signs, sometimes dressed as chickens, hot dogs, etc. Disabled guys just trying to make a living. The same St. Johns County bureaucrat who wrote the    political sign letter was harassing the Sign Guys. This didn’t even  register on Mr. Morris’ radar. We need a hands-on guy like Denver Cook,  a number cruncher with a heart, to replace Jay Morris & keep his eye on    County Administrator ‘for life’, Michael Wanchick who always gets a pass.  

Do Not Re-elect Jay Morris City of St. Augustine Mayor:

Not to Vote For. Ken Bryan 

Say it isn’t so! Ken Bryan is back after losing his re-election as County Commissioner two years ago. What next, Mayor of the City?  It would be déjà vu, all over again. Imagine if Ken Bryan and Ron Sanchez won  in this primary and went on to win in the general election. Both were part of the angry ruckus which started when Ken Bryan backhanded a Constitution Booklet to the floor shouting, “We don’t believe in that anymore”, then ranted and raved like an out of control lunatic. Sanchez  raced across the back of the room, got the Security guys and had the Tea Party attendees removed from the meeting at the Taj Mahal.    

Do Not elect Ken Bryan

The Dream Team for the Board of County Commissioners.

Today we have an ‘Administrator for Life’ in Michael Wanchick.
Mr. Wanchick has had a wall of protection around him. He can do no wrong. He is quoted as saying he was ‘surprised’ when he found out that he would be  given a $500,000 severance if ‘removed without cause’ from being Administrator . If Wanchick was sincere, he could have simply said, “Just give me 6 weeks’ severance pay”. But no, he still holds this ‘poison pill’ over the throats of the tax payers in St. Johns County. The Town Crier Committee believes the Dream Team would be Jeb Smith and Denver Cook in this primary; Smith with his Business Experience &  Cook with his ‘number crunching’. Put the control back into the hands of the elected Commissioners and tell the ‘experts’, consultants, and  bureaucrats to find work elsewhere. The Dream Team would be incumbent  Bill McClure, and, if elected, Jeb Smith and Denver Cook at the County.

This Not to Vote For voter’s guide is sent to you free of charge. We have no affiliation with any political party and won our freedom in a court of law. Our signature is the Town Crier Committee, which walks regularly    down St. George Street awakening the public to their heritage of Freedom, guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. Read all about us at www.staugtea.com

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