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Photos by TCC Staff

September 27, 2016

Trevor Loudon in St Augustine

Photos by TCC Staff

The St. Augustine Tea Party hosted Trevor Loudon, internationally known author and lecturer, at its regularly scheduled open meeting on September 27, 2016. Mr. Loudon’s investigative activity exposing both the Communist and the Islamic infiltration into Western governments has resulted in the production of a new documentary film. The one hour and 45 minute full-length movie, entitled “The Enemies Within”, was shown to the Tea Party’s members and guests. A near full capacity audience, including many first time attendees, was held spellbound by the revelations contained in the film. Mr. Loudon contends that many members of Congress could not pass an FBI security check because of current and past associations. He believes that requiring a security check before a member of Congress could hold a committee position would severely damage the Communist infiltration of the Congress.   In addition, the passage of HR 3892 would disrupt the Muslim Brotherhood and set them back 50 years. The Islamic and Communist movements have aligned to bring down our American culture.

Trevor Loudon often thanks his American audiences for their American World War II sacrifices, as they saved his native New Zealand from a Japanese invasion. Tonight, Mr. Loudon was able to personally thank a World War II Marine veteran who served in the South Pacific. Lucky Howe, pictured above with Loudon, is a treasured member of the St. Augustine Tea Party.


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September 25, 2016

New Pre-Debate Poll

The clock is ticking. The race for the Presidency is coming down the stretch. And Trump is leading by over three lengths in the latest St. George Street Poll, taken in the historic district of St Augustine, Florida, just two days before the first debate. The results are as follows:

TRUMP      57%

HILLARY     17%

NEITHER    26%

There was much more calling out loud of the candidates names as the people passed the pollster on Saturday, September 24th...both for Hillary and for Donald Trump. It could have been the urgency of the hour.

Surprisingly, the tally for “Neither” of the two candidates was a whopping 26%.

Photos by TCC Staff

That's over a quarter of those polled today.  

The poll is a face-to-face random selection of voting age Americans. The demographic is national. The St. Augustine Tea Party has been conducting these polls for the past 20 months.

Watch for the follow-up poll after the debate right here at

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September 30, 2016   

Five Years and


With the posting of this issue of the Town Crier Committee Report, we mark the Fifth Anniversary of this publication. Pictured right, are the first members of the Town Crier Committee. The signs shown below are the first politically incorrect signs which the Town Criers carried. These signs are pretty mild compared to future signs. “The typical Tea Party signage was discouraged by our Republican leadership at the time. So we got rid of the GOP leadership. The Republican’s reluctance to pay attention to the public’s opinion was as prevalent in 2011, as it is today,” the Town Criers recalled.

 The first words ever published, were as follows:

“We welcome you to this first issue of the Town Crier Committee Report. In this publication we will strive to keep you informed of the activities of the Committee and to make you aware of ways in which you can participate. Members of our Committee have for some time now been engaging the public on the streets of St Augustine, FL”.

“We dress in period clothes and walk the streets while boldly presenting  full size Gadsden Flags. The sight of Revolutionary period clothing and the bright yellow flags give us the opportunity to promote the Tea Party, to educate the public on the values of the Tea Party and the lessons that can be learned from The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States, which we pass out as we move among the people. It is this one to one public contact with the people which inspires Committee members to continue their efforts. We are blessed to see the awaking of America first hand.”

These words could have been written yesterday. But in fact, they were written in October 2011. Over the last five years, the public has indeed made great strides in understanding the dangers we face from domestic totalitarian forces. The Town Criers popularity with the public is as great as ever, which tells the members of our committee that the Tea Party is as relevant as ever. We are despised by the Democrats, rejected by the Republicans, ridiculed by the establishment press, but adored by the American people. We think this is a very good place to be. We do not know how this upcoming election is going to turn out. And the consequences of either one winning has its problems. We will still be there to defend the Constitution. We are still blessed to see the awakening first hand.

Lance Thate, Editor and Publisher of the Town Crier Committee Report

                          Photos by TCC Staff   October 2011

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