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t does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.”
–Samuel Adams

Town Crier Committee Report

July 26, 2014

The Left’s Divide and Conquer policy Failing

Today, the Saint Augustine Tea Party’s Town Crier committee returned to the streets in the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida to assess public opinion.
[See “A look at Town Crier’s history” August 26, 2013 at http://www.examiner.com/review/a-look-at-town-crier-s-history Ed] “A picture is worth 1000 words,” a Town Crier remarked, “and in one snapshot the left’s lies are exposed.” The Marxist claim that Women, Blacks and Hispanics are victims of greedy middle-class capitalist values is not what the people believe, according to what was observed today. People from all walks of life expressed their contempt for the politicians and the world they make in Washington.

Tea Party gathers new support despite the Media’s attack

The very groups that progressives claim as their own have been turning to the Tea Party movement in 2014. [See Millennium Generation Choosing Liberty http://www.examiner.com/article/millennium-generation-choosing-liberty   Ed]

“Young people, and in particular, young women who have been educated in government schools are beginning, in ever larger numbers, to understand the nature of the progressive movement. They are now turning to the Tea Party values. At every outing, the Town Criers are engaged by many black people who are supportive. This trend is growing but, with the black community, it is one black person at a time,” a Tea Party member said. “Hispanics, on the other hand, are largely supportive of what the Town Criers are doing. The idea that you can buy their votes with amnesty is simply not true. The progressive Republican leadership has its own agenda regarding amnesty. Many Hispanics have lived under Communism and thoroughly understand the revolution that is taking place with Obama and the Washington establishment. They have seen the same Marxist revolution in their country of origin. Many came to this country to escape Communism. They are distressed with Americans who do not see the danger ahead.”

Public waking up to Washington’s Tyranny

There is Fear across the Land

The public is waking up to the nature of Washington’s abuse of power. Many converts to the Tea Party movement are occurring. The Town Criers witness this phenomenon on a regular basis. This is in spite of the fact that the establishment media, including Fox News, ignores the movement. “Fox News, apparently, is content to ‘carry the water ’for the GOP progressive leadership. They have for some time now, been marginalizing the Tea Party as ‘past its prime and declining in influence.’ Nothing could be further from the truth,” David Heimbold, SATP Media Chairman stated. Continuing, “There was a time when the Republican Party thought it could control the Tea Party. The GOP learned that the Tea Party Movement is too big to control”. Years ago Glenn Beck, radio and TV host, once declared, “We surround them”. Beck was referring to the Liberty Movement made up of conservatives and libertarians. The people that the Town Criers have been engaging for the past three years understand that bad times are upon us but, the worst is yet to come. Will the public resist the Marxist onslaught of the minority? The concept of individual liberty is at stake.          
Will the people resist?
“Will the people resist, stand up and defend American Liberty? The answer is up for grabs,” a Town Crier spokesman said. The first encounter of the Town Criers today, was a young man who enthusiastically embraced the signs and Tea Party presence. “I support you in every way,” the young man said. Yet when asked to pose for a Facebook photo, he declined saying, “I can’t do that as it might damage my career.”

And then there was the career military retiree, now serving as a law enforcement officer in Texas, who supported the Tea Party activities, but expressed fear of participating. Why? Because he feared retaliation by Obama’s Gestapo styled IRS.

“These are real fears. Our forefathers faced many fears, yet pledged all. What about you?" The Town Criers ask.       

Guest Editorial:    
The Battle for the Mayor and Commission Seats

By Peter Royal


Well, sure enough Tuesday July 15th we had a show-down of 6 candidates.  There were 3 wanting to be Mayor of St Augustine and 3 wanting to be a City Commissioner.  They gathered at the Gilmore Center with about 400 citizens that came to hear a lively debate.

OOPS! There were 6 pre-selected questions and a moderator, Council President Rhey Palmer.  He got to tell the candidates who goes first. Each one had a 2 minute time limit.  There was NO chance for audience participation.  There was no rebuttal or cross conversation between candidates allowed.

Ex-mayor GEORGE GARDNER CALLED it WELL ORCHESTRATED.  I felt bad that I left my dog and my pony at home I think they might have won.  

The Candidates: Joe Boles, Nancy Shaver, Ken Bryan, Todd Neville, Jon Valdes, and
Ron Berben.

The Questions;

1. Why do you want to be Mayor...................
2. What kind of legacy would you like to leave behind .........................
3. What is the largest problem you see for the next few years .............
4. How would you raise more money ....................
5. How do you feel about Ethics in office ....................
6. What is the most important thing for you to do ...........

  The Answers ;

#1 .. They all want to do good for St Augustine.
#2 .. A better more  prosperous St Augustine
#3 .. Some said parking, some said street conditions , and some said traffic
#4 .. All of the candidates thought that the tourists were IDIOTS and we could just raise fees to them and they would keep coming with more money for us in the form of taxes and fees. not one suggested a way we could  make the tourist experience better for them. Some wanted to get Flagler College to pay more, and again nothing  in return to benefit Flagler College. Most of the candidates want to put satellite parking lots outside downtown and have the  two  trolley companies bring the  people into down town . This is a plan has proven not to work in the past but will make some people very wealthy.
 #5 .. I am happy to announce all the participants claim to have   high  Ethics  Some thought theirs might be the highest
#6 .. GET

  ...   not asked   NOR ANSWERED

1... How do we lower taxes?
2... How do we speed up street and sewer work down
town so the merchants can get back to making money for themselves and the city?
3... Why not build a parking garage on the south side of downtown or lincolnville?

We know a parking garage gathers people which will attract new business creating economic growth. It will also take cars off the street that are looking for parking spaces. Is the reason the same thinking that kept King Street from connecting to Interstate 95, or stopped the City from putting new water lines and sewer service to the West King Community? The status quo is great if that is your goal. St Augustine is our town. Let's make it something we can be proud of! 

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