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July 23, 2016


Poll taken After RNC Convention in Cleveland

National Clinton /Trump Results:

On July 23, 2016, the Town Criers, a committee of the St. Augustine Tea Party, conducted a poll in the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida. Five million people per year visit St. Augustine, Florida. So, on any given day, the demographics represent a national audience. The poll is a face-to-face random selection as 2,500 to 4000 tourists in a day, walk by the pollsters on St. George Street, in St. Augustine, Florida.

Town Criers Do Not Prepare or Pay their Focus Group

Unlike Frank Luntz's Focus Groups on the Fox News Network, the St. George Street Pollsters do not pay or coach the random people when questioning, "Who will you vote for"? It is as simple as that. Nor do the Town Criers push a candidate with leading questions or ask for opinions about candidates like Luntz does. Both candidates’ pictures, in this case Trump and Clinton, were shown to the tourists from all over the country and asked who they would choose for President in November. The results speak for themselves.

July 20, 2016  

Terror Mixed With Treason

What does a “War on Terror” look like when the Commander-in-Chief is a traitor? The truth be told, it looks exactly like the Obama Administration’s conduct on the war,” according to members of the St. Augustine Tea Party (SATP).

Considering the War on Terror, from Fort Hood in 2009 to the most recent coup in Turkey, the Obama Administration has consistently been on the side of the “Muslim Brotherhood”. The Muslim Brotherhood helps organize and finance jihadist organizations. It has been reported that the Brotherhood visits the White House for meetings with Obama. Obama’s inability to define America’s enemies as “Radical Islamic Terrorists” shows an adherence to Shariah law. To speak negatively about Muslims, even if it’s true, is considered slander under

Shariah jurisprudence. The Administration’s telegraphing of what they will or will not do and its insistence on political correctness undermines victory. The Islamic jihadists have been at war with the United States since the 1983 bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon. . A case could be made, however, that the jihadist attacks extend all the way back to Jefferson’s days and the Barbary Coast Wars.  Jihad is mandated by Shariah Law for all Muslim believers. Not all Muslims adhere to Shariah. Those Muslims who do not comply with Shariah are in as much danger as unbelievers and can be treated in a similar manner under Shariah law. Islamic aggression in 1801 and 2016 remains the same, as Shariah is unchanged. A study of Shariah jurisprudence reveals that the strategy employed under the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations will never bring a victorious conclusion, according to author and former intelligence officer assigned to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Stephen Coughlin. “Political Correctness” destroys the intelligence agencies’ capacity to root out and destroy the Islamic State. Obama seems to come down on the side of the Islamic State at every turn. To collaborate with the enemy is the classic definition of treason.

The Public is Awakening

The SATP’s Town Criers engage the public in the historic district on a regular basis. 5 million people visit St. Augustine, Florida per year. Town Criers carry politically incorrect signs not so much as to convert people but to test the public’s reaction. One of the most successful campaigns was started on Memorial Day 2012. The Town Criers started carrying a sign that exposed Obama as a Communist. Four years ago some people said, “Well, maybe….maybe a Socialist’” Today, the vast majority understands that Obama is a Communist.  [See TCCR June 28, 2015 Ed] In addition, large numbers of the public see him as a Muslim with a hostile agenda for America. Trevor Loudon has identified a cooperative effort between the Communist movement and the Islamic jihadist movement. Both groups are working for the collapse of America. The Town Criers report that the general public perceives that Obama is acting more like a community organizer, then as commander-in-chief. He is using and legitimizing “Black Lives Matter” protests which have been infiltrated by Communist Unions and Anarchists to undermine respect for local law enforcement. The introduction of snipers to kill policeman drives a greater wedge between local law enforcement and the people. Obama’s cooperation with the “Muslim Brotherhood” has now brought the Islamic War to American soil. “Politicians in Washington are not prepared to expose this reality. Nor is the establishment media who ignores the situation. The shooter in Baton Rouge was reported to be wearing all black. The media has failed to recognize the significance. The “Black Bloc” is militant anarchist group with a history of violence and is revolutionary; they use a technique of dressing in black, sometimes remaining anonymous. “Ironic that nobody has made the connection in the mainstream media,” a Town Crier spokesman explained. “These are serious charges. They are charges of treason.”

July 18, 2016

Deception is Killing America
Communists, from the very beginning, have employed deception. After Karl Marx died, an organization known as the Fabian Socialists formed in Britain. Incremental infiltration followed by staged conversion was, and is, their method. But there has always been deception and it was paramount in bringing about their progressive revolution.

“Occupy Wall Street”, “Occupiers”, “We are the 99”  and now, “Black Lives Matter”, are the names that have been used to initiate disruption across America. What these groups have in common are common organizers, namely, Communists, Communist controlled unions, and anarchist activists. The people who populated the “Occupy” movements now populate “Black Lives Matter”. Their purpose is to connect with well-intentioned people, bring chaos and divide.

The St. Augustine Tea Party (SATP) has had experience with these people. SATP engaged the Occupiers in 2011. The SATP's Town Criers refused to join their activities and instead, went on the attack. Over a three-month period the Town Criers prevailed. The “Occupiers” folded. During the entire time, the local press gave ample coverage to the “Occupiers”, but not a word about the Tea Party’s valiant and victorious effort. Peter Ellis was the editor of “The Record”, at the time.  “The Record” is the local newspaper in St. Augustine, FL. We do not know what, Mr. Ellis’ political convictions were, but we do know that the Record's policy was that of Communists. This publication came into existence, at that point, in time, for the express purpose of dispensing the truth.

Partners in Crime
What is the common thread between Acorn, SEIU, Black Lives Matter, Anarchists, Occupiers, Black Panthers and Communists, besides Obama and George Soros? They all use deception, promote violence and try to attach to good intentioned people to further their Communist agenda. Obama supports many of these groups and in particular, “Black Lives Matter”. “Obama has blood on his hands. He uses “Black Lives Matter” as a gun. Obama’s behavior makes targets of local law enforcement across the country. Obama’s goal is to destroy local law enforcement. Why has he not been removed from office? The answer is, that those in Washington, the professional politicians, are complicit,” a spokesman for SATP  said.

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