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November 15, 2016

Public Contempt for City Commissioners Erupts
Local Story… National Implications

Exactly one week ago today, Donald Trump became the President-elect in a political upset that astounded the Country’s propagandist media. The corporate media giants are being rejected by the public as they find the information they need from other sources. The revelation of this historical precedent has been laid out for all to see. The Wiki-Leaks exposure of the Communist left media and its connection with the Democratic Party compounds the media’s problem. The New York Times is fighting for credibility on a level they never thought possible.

An example on the local level is the coverage that The St. Augustine Record provided its readers, or failed to provide, on the City of St. Augustine Beach Commissioner’s meeting on November 14, 2016. The Record’s coverage was confined to an extended discussion about a vacant mosquito control building and the struggles between the city and the county as to who should acquire it. The Record, a publication with an extreme left bias, manipulated the news, as we saw on a national level, by ignoring the real story.

The People Speak Out

The real story occurred during the public comment section of the agenda. Prior to public comment, City Attorney, James Wilson, suggested that new rules for public comment would be forthcoming. This ignited a firestorm of rejections of Mr. Wilson’s comments. Numerous speakers protested the idea that Commissioners would decide what free speech is and reminded all of them about the First Amendment. The current board has a history of trying to suppress public comment, according to several speakers. The Mayor, O’Brien, has been under criticism for using injunctions against political opponents. One of his supporters created an assault incident on Election Day, requiring police intervention. A picture showing, Rosetta Bailey the person assaulted, is shown above. The board is also under criticism for enacting a sign ordinance, which interfered with the political process during the course of an election. Numerous persons demanded a repeal of this contemptuous sign ordinance. Several Tea Party members joined in the public protest demanding an end to the bullying tactics.

The Trump victory has ignited a revolution and that revolution is occurring both in Washington and at local levels. Citizens are no longer standing by in silence. Apparently, The Record hasn’t got the word yet. A firestorm of criticism was thrown at the board last night. Normally, that would be news. The Record chose to report on a vacant building, pretending that nothing has changed. They are behaving a lot like the New York Times.

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November 12, 2016
Trump Wins
Hope Springs Forth …  

And Communists Attack

Within 18 hours of Donald Trump being declared the “President Elect”, the Communists left began their anti-Trump war. From New York to California and points in between, demonstrations with thousands of participants began. Now, with three days having passed, the Communist left’s demonstrations make obvious their true intent. Their purpose is to create fear, anxiety and chaos. This is not about free speech and the right to assemble, so characteristic of the rallies of the Tea Parties in 2009. You will recall, tens of thousands of people would assemble and disperse without leaving a trace of their presence after they departed. But rather, this is about creating uncertainty and lawless property destruction. The procedure is well known. All done in Coach Saul Alinsky’s style. First you take some naïve well intentioned individuals, then you mix in the anarchists and communist activists and then you have a riot. The same leftist money organizations that support Obama and Clinton, also support this lawless band of Anarchists and Communists. Complicit in all of this is the propagandist media portraying the events as expressions of free speech. The Communist leftists have no interest in free speech, but only their agenda. The Town Criers, a committee of the St. Augustine Tea Party, have five years experience with their un-American activities.

Hope springs forward as the great American majority looks to restoring America’s greatness. If America returns to its greatness, it will expose to the entire world, the Communist lie. The Communist left cannot let this restoration happen. While Clinton and  Obama talk about a peaceful transition, their agents are putting violent people in the streets. In addition, their agents are working to undermine the election by resisting the “Certification of the Election” by states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Vermont, and Pennsylvania. Using recalls and the popular vote numbers, they hope to influence the Electoral College on December 19, 2016. The

Communists take seriously Stalin’s observation, “It is not who votes, but who counts the votes, that really


Time to Identify the Domestic Enemy

During the campaign, Trump correctly exposed Clinton's and Obama's failure to identify America’s “Foreign Enemy” as “Islamic Terrorists”. The idea being that if you

cannot identify your enemy, you cannot defeat him. The Islamic Terrorists and the Communists, have joined forces to undermine and destroy the concept of individual liberty.

WikiLeaks has, once and for all, exposed the establishment media as being nothing but instruments of propaganda for the Left. During the campaign, Donald Trump cut a main artery in the concept of “Political Correctness” . It is time to let the beast bleed to death. The ultimate “Politically Incorrect” term is "Communist".

It is time for Mr. Trump to use the same logic, as it applies to Islamic Terrorism, to the word “Communist”.

If you continue to use the words Liberal or Progressive without understanding that they are words designed to cover the true identity, you cannot defeat America’s “Domestic Enemy”.

Research shows the so-called “Progressive Movement”, is a tactic, not a philosophy or a movement. It is a tactic used to transform cultures and nations to Communism. The progressive tactic, being the incremental transformation to a communist society while concealing the communist identity. It originated in England, after Karl Marx’s death as the “Fabian Society”. The idea came to America as Progressive. America has been on the Progressive path for over 100 years.

President-Elect Trump recently tweeted, “Just had a very open and successful presidential election. Now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!”

In  the tweet above , Mr. Trump avoided being politically incorrect. Using the term “professional protesters”, is certainly a correct observation. Communists are, indeed, professional protesters. But, using the word Communists would have identified America’s true Domestic Enemy.

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November 30, 2016

Is America a Republic or a Democracy?

America is a Constitutional Republic. If our politicians govern accordingly, the Constitution, as written, offers the greatest opportunity for equality under the law. A Democracy is little more than mob rule. A majority inflicts, without exception, tyranny on the minority. It was the states that created the federal government. It is the states and the people residing therein which elect the President. So that all have a voice in the decision, the Electoral College was created. The map above reflects a system using the popular vote.                                                    

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