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December 8, 2017
American’s Waking Up to the Assault on History

The progressive transformation to Communism can only take place in America if America’s true history and culture are altered or eliminated. The assault on America’s history has been long-standing and the pressure continuous. The Confederacy has been the focus of the left’s attack. The Communists are particularly  hostile to Confederate history because the fundamental nature of the founding States, after the Revolutionary War, was a Confederacy. Tenth Amendment Federalism is embedded in the idea of a Confederacy. Communists requires centralized authoritarian total control to project their goals and power.

The Confederate battle flag has been associated with racism and slavery because of the communist left’s activities. This makes the assault on Confederate history easier. The Charlottesville, Virginia riots, which provided an excuse for criminal destruction of Confederate statues, produced hysteria for removing any symbol that could be associated with the Confederacy. Progressive governing bodies seized the opportunity to alter history.

Vast Majority of Americans want Confederate Monuments Retained

On November 18, 2017, the St. Augustine Tea Party’s Town Criers conducted a St. George Street Poll. The poll is a face-to-face random selection with a national demographic. The poll revealed that 95% of the public did not want Confederate statues and monuments removed.  Americans, North and South, East and West have awakened to the Communists’  conspiracy.

In St. Augustine, Florida, a petition with over 11,000 signatures for retaining Confederate monuments saved the day. The City Commissioners voted to retain the monuments. However, the opposition continues to demonstrate, with the support of governmental officials. There are counter demonstrations. The fight goes on.

In Lakeland Florida, 6,000 emails, letters and phone calls did not save the monument in Munn Park. However, it is reassuring that the fight goes on to preserve the monument in Lakeland.

The St. Augustine Tea Party Chairman, Lance Thate reports, “It is our finding that the vast number of Americans have caught on to the conspiracy against their history. There is a struggle going on between ‘We the People’ and government at all levels. I believe that the people will preserve their heritage. We the people will prevail.”

 The Save Southern Heritage Florida group reports the following:


 Coalition Declares Victory

Lakeland - Yesterday's landslide win for City Commissioner, Mike Dunn, should signal to all political hopefuls that debasing the Munn Park War Memorial would be political suicide at the ballot box.

"Michael Dunn's victory is proof positive that the folks in Lakeland want to keep the Munn Park Memorial," said David McCallister, Save Southern Heritage Florida (SSH FL) spokesman.  "We view this as a public referendum on the issue.   It should send a resounding message to those who hope to seek re-election in the future that there should be re-consideration of Monday's 4-3 surprise vote to take down the Munn Park v

Veterans’ Memorial.”

Dunn, himself a veteran who had previously run unsuccessfully for Commissioner, campaigned openly for keeping the historic Veterans Memorial in place.

Dunn will replace incumbent Commissioner Don Selvege, who led Monday's sneak attack on the Memorial.  
The War Memorial became a key issue in the City Commission campaign, despite Commissioner Selvege's bulldoggish surprise move Monday that resulted in the vote that left Commissioner Yates feeling “sandbagged".

Despite over 6,000 letters, emails and phone calls, just slightly less than the number of voters in Tuesday’s election, the Commission ignored the will of the people, after threats and intimidation from anti-veteran memorial groups.

"We were worried about this happening, so our coalition members took a key interest in the campaign.  Save Southern Heritage conducted an extensive voter education campaign," said McCallister.

Save Their Honor Political Committee conducted its own campaign on behalf of Dunn with the Munn Park Memorial as the call to action in the election.  Local citizen activists seeking to "Save the Statue ("STS") worked vigorously to spread the word that Dunn was pro-Veterans Memorial.

"We believe the coalition, STS, SSH FL and Save Their Honor, and the rest 'moved the needle' Tuesday.”

Two other recent elections were wins for pro-Veterans Memorial candidates.  Lakeland's Commissioner Malless lost his re-election bid last month, and Lawrence McClure won the Republican primary in a special election for Florida House District 58 on a pro-Memorial platform.

"We will be announcing a new campaign soon to expand on Dunn's victory and Malless' removal made possible by the voters in Lakeland," McCallister said.  "Selvege’s legacy to Lakeland is discord and division, we believe the new Commissioner won't let that stand".

"Our poll showed that most Lakelanders feel it is blasphemous to even be discussing removing a memorial to dead veterans," said McCallister.  "We expect the new Commission to put the process in hard reverse when they take office in January," McCallister concluded.​

SAVE SOUTHERN HERITAGE, Inc. is a not for profit education and advocacy organization for Southern Heritage & History.  It was started in 2015 in response to the knee-jerk Anti-Southern institutionalized bullying and “Erase-ism” levied against the people of South Carolina by Governor Nikki Haley, after she broke all previous agreements about how South Carolina’s historical veterans and their symbols should be treated and respected.

SSH FL does not condone racism and as such, we do not support any group or person that does. We respect the rights and privileges of all as bestowed on them by their creator and expect those in our association to respect and treat others as they themselves would wish to be treated. 

The Florida branch was activated in mid-January 2016, in response to three initiatives in the Florida Legislature that are part of a hate campaign led by Anti-American extremists, who refuse to respect the various cultures that make up the fabric of Florida’s society.  Since that time, it has grown in membership and has been active in Heritage battles throughout Florida, including the “We'll Remember in November Campaign” that resulted in #heritagehater candidates losing elections in Florida.   More info:

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December 7, 2017

Enemies Foreign and Domestic

On December 7, 1941, America’s greatest threat was from foreign external sources. Foreign enemies were present throughout the world. With the attack on Pearl Harbor, Americans united in a great crusade to destroy the evil that threatened Liberty. It should be noted that the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, has largely been ignored by the propagandas press. The day Roosevelt declared as, “a day that would live in infamy” has been suppressed by the media.

Americans are once again standing for Liberty

On this December 7, 2017, the American people are in the crosshairs of an evil domestic attack. The Progressive movement is Communism, one step at a time. The Communist movement has infested government at all levels. The “Deep State”, in both political parties, is complicit in the drift to Communism.

President Trump and the Tea Party’s populist values offer the best hope for a new birth of Liberty.


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December 2, 2017                                                           

St. Augustine Christmas Parade Surprise
The 62nd annual St. Augustine Christmas Parade made its way through the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida on December 2, 2017.                                         St. Augustine Record’s Internet  Photo

One of the most spectacular entries was the St. Augustine Tea Party’s Dartmouth. The original Dartmouth was one of three ships from which tea was thrown into Boston Harbor on December 16, 1775. Later to be known as the Boston Tea Party. It’s been four years since the St. Augustine Tea Party (SATP) acquired its replica Dartmouth. The Dartmouth has participated in the last four Christmas parades in St. Augustine. The St. Augustine Record, a local print media known for its radical Marxist bias, provides an online pictorial review of each entry in the parade. Often obscure entries are pictured. But The Record has always chosen to leave out one of the most substantial floats, year after year. For comparison, SAFD’s hook and ladder number 47, which carried Santa Claus in this year’s parade, is about the same size as the Dartmouth.

Photo by TCCR Staff

The Dartmouth has a proud history. During her eight years existence, She has been to Washington, DC and has had governors, senators and congressmen speak from her decks.  

The Record continues to avoid publishing a picture of the Dartmouth, but this year has seen fit to publish the marching element of the Tea Party’s parade entry. [See their picture on the right above Ed]

David Heimbold SATP Media Chairman, who was on board the Dartmouth commented,

“I was really surprised that they included a picture of our marching group. They were marching in front of the tow vehicle for the Dartmouth. They carried a banner to announce the Tea Party’s parade entry. The massive and well decorated Dartmouth. I think it was an attempt to minimize the Tea Party presence, showing only five people and a small banner. Well, it sure backfired on them.”

Every Where is a Trump Rally
At the sight of the Tea Party banner and  the enlarged copy of the Declaration of Independence, the 3%er Flags, the Blue Lives Matter Flag and the Tea Party’s beloved Gadsden Flags, the populist movement along the parade route exploded with, “USA, USA, USA”.

Photos by TCCR Staff

There was no resistance.

The historic district was like a “Trump Rally”…. Making America Great Again.

The Public Chooses Patriots

Striking Contrast between Nights of Lights Protesters

In the wake of the riots in Charlottesville, Virginia, a community organizer from Gainesville; Rev. Ronald Rawls applied intimidation, racism and hatred as a means to destroy St. Augustine’s Confederate monuments. Ron Rawls’ intimidation at his organizational meeting on August 21, assured a fast-track to be included on  the agenda of August 28, 2017  City Commissioners meeting. Mayor Nancy Shaver, Vice Mayor Todd Neville and City Manager John Regan were present at the AME Church meeting.  If it had not been for a petition, which ran 10 to 1 in favor of retention, the “Social Justice”  sentiment in the City Commission would have joined in the national Confederate statue hysteria. Over 11,000 petition signatures have now been obtained by one determined young lady, Jill Pacetti. The community organizer, Rawls, was defeated at the October 23 City Commissioners meeting. He then vowed to take his hate to the “Nights of Lights” light up celebration on November 18, 2017.

It is now clear that the “Social Justice” people at City Hall accommodated his efforts. On November 14, the Mayor made an appearance at the Tea Party’s open meeting. She requested that the Tea Party stand down for the sake of public safety. The Mayor was informed that the Tea Party would not stand down and they would be present at the Confederate monument. The original Rawls marching plans from the church to the monument were altered. It appears that the Mayor provided a red carpet to the bandstand where live Christmas music was played. The St. Augustine Record was there to take pictures which appeared on the front page the next day. Mayor Shaver reported that 163 protesters were present with 100 being bused in from  other cities. Videotape taken by the 3%ers militia revealed an exact count of 63 people. An interesting play on numbers. The majority of people protesting where made up with white people championing a variety of communist issues. One blackface among the demonstrators was that of James Evans Mohammed, a high-ranking official of the New Black Panther Party, with experience in the riots in Ferguson, Missouri. Given the potential for Black Lives Matter and  Antifa, the “Social Justice Kings” at City Hall showed little interest in public safety.

The demonstrators were booed by the public. The dissatisfaction of the public with the protesters was so harsh that their activities terminated early. A spokesman for the 3%ers claimed that their militia numbers exceeded the protester numbers. Most of their people were in ordinary dress and blended in with the general public. Those that were not covert enjoyed the cheers of the public with their newly found Tea Party friends.

The Contrast between the Rawls’ protesters and the “Parade Patriots” could not be clearer. Rawls had no support from the public for his radical communist agenda. His effort convinced no one. Even the Fake News coverage in the Record is no longer believed by the populist majority.  He was booed off the stage, so to speak. The Parade Patriots had no need to convince anyone because they are already connected to the public.  The Tea Party and the Three Percent were cheered on.                          

The 3%ers were present when they were needed in the Plaza on August 28 and they were present at the Nights of Lights on November 18.

“New faces are among the sea of faces that make up the populist movement which will save the country from the communist transformation. A transformation now being attempted. Our Tea Party is grateful that these patriots have our backs covered. They will play a big part in the defeat of the progressive style of communism,” Lance Thate, SATP Chairman stated.                                                                                                                            Photos by TCCR Staff                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

A spokesman for the Jacksonville 3%ers defined their group as follows:

“We are part of a national organization who believes that the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land. We strive to uphold our “Natural Rights”, as well as those protected by the Constitution. We are the last line of defense. We are the Three Percent.”

The Christmas Spirit was Alive and Well Aboard the Dartmouth
While the media rejects the presence of the Dartmouth, the public embrace the Christmas spirit radiating from the people on board. In spite of the political activity taking place on the ground at the head of the procession, on board the Dartmouth, the innocent voice of a young boy singing Christmas carols quickly restored the Christmas spirit and the American cultural values that the Tea Party represents. The boat was populated with people of all ages. They ranged from a World War II Marine veteran who served in the South Pacific to a two-year-old who simply enjoyed a beautiful day and the Christmas excitement.   

The St. Augustine Tea Party Media Chairman, who was on board evaluated the situation as follows:

“I have been aboard the Dartmouth from the very beginning of the populist movement that started with the Tea Party . I was on board in 2010 when the Dartmouth’s master was still Glenn Lord. Glenn was responsible for the construction of the Dartmouth. The original Dartmouth sunk about a year after the Boston Tea Party in heavy seas. The Tea Party’s Dartmouth is sailing on troubled waters. I am inspired by the public who have never betrayed the Tea Party because we have not betrayed them. We are as popular today as we have ever been. We are part of the massive populace movement that is going to defeat the progressive form of communism. And today, a little boy’s voice, singing Christmas carols, inspired both those on board and those that heard. We will fight for the goodness that resides in the boy. We fight for truth and liberty. The communists fight for enslavement. This Dartmouth will survive the heavy seas ahead.”          

Photos by TCCR Staff                                                                             


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Photos by TCCR Staff

 December 1, 2017

A Theory About the Internet

By John Knapp

I have a theory that some (if not all) of the big internet outfits are also data miners for the NSA Government is inept at complicated things, so the government is paying private enterprises like Facebook, Amazon, Google, etc., to compile 'dossiers' on citizens, in case government ever 'needs' those personality profiles for any reason.

It's '1984' stuff, through and through. This would explain why 'Capitalists' like Zuckerberg, Bezos, and et. al. seems to be such flaming Socialists. If I'm right, the government is helping to make these Silicon Valley people rich beyond their wildest dreams. And it would explain quite a bit about their behavior.

I'm sure lots of people would say this theory of mine is straight out of Kookville, but George Orwell wouldn't. I've thought many times that government ends up knowing your every keystroke, your friends, your interests, your political leanings, your weaknesses and your strengths....that somewhere out there, someone knows more about you than you do yourself, or they have the capabilities to know if they so choose.

Why wouldn't this runaway government, in this age and time, take full advantage of that? What would stop them from doing it?

Just this morning, I watched a video sent by a friend, a video of Stephen Crowder asking  Alexa, the internet answer girl, to define (one at a time) Socialism, Marxism, Communism, Antifa, #Blacklivesmatter, etc. Alexa's stock (computerized) answers were startlingly soft on all the different iterations of Leftism, basically unwilling to identify Leftism for the political derangement it really is. Alexa had harsher answers to any questions asked of her about the political right. Alexa is clearly a man-made, computer-generated, internet closet Socialist.

So, my theory would also explain why Alexa is a lefty: Alexa's bread is very likely being buttered with government butter.

But, that's not the worst of it. As fire is good,  fire is bad. Make no mistake, Alexa is a growing brush fire in the minds of the willfully ignorant.

And, the internet remains the most amazing, yet most dangerous, environment there is.   

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