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"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.” –Samuel Adams
Town Crier Committee Report

September 9, 2014

The new face of the Tea Party Movement
Rebirth of Hope Fills the Air at Tea Party Victory Meeting

A coalition of Independents, Libertarians, Republicans and Democrats attended the post primary election celebration held at the Saint Augustine Tea Party’s (SATP) open meeting on September 9, 2014. The meeting was held at the Village Inn in St. Augustine, Florida. The back room of the Inn was filled and reminded some of the founding members of the enthusiasm of the Tea Party’s emergence in 2009 and 2010. “Back then, Democrats and Libertarians ‘need not apply’, as the current “grassroots” organization was dominated by local Republican Executive Committee operatives,” a founding member said. “Today, the Saint Augustine Tea Party is completely independent and welcomes all who cherish constitutional government.” (See http://www.examiner.com/article/control-or-destroy-official-gop-policy-for-the-tea-party-florida )

It was electric! Jeb Smith was a featured speaker. Mr. Smith was the Tea Party favorite because of his “We the People” roots. (See http://
www.examiner.com/article/tea-party-favorite-wins-gop-primary-ousting-insider-candidates. ) How Mr. Smith won can be summed up in two words, “No compromise.” Jeb is a bible believing preacher, farmer and businessman. It was his strong family, his parents, his wife, Wendy and their four teenagers who knocked on thousands of doors and shook hands with their neighbors which won the voters over. The St. Augustine Tea Party takes no credit for Jeb’s victory. “We are just happy that the Smith family continues to support the Tea Party movement. The Smiths were on the Tea Party’s Dartmouth float in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade last March, and attended and spoke at various Tea Party meetings,” a Tea Spokesman said, “Because of the Town Crier’s numerous weekend encounters with the public on St. George Street and their publication which is mailed to 5500, mostly local voters, the Town Criers can deliver enough votes to make a difference. Plus, their “Not to Vote Forguide slammed the door on the other two candidates vying for the District 2, St. Johns County Commissioner’s seat.” Mr. Smith avoided the Republican apparatus and took his campaign directly to the people. The Town Criers report that this is exactly what the people want. They are fed up with both political parties.
A first time, Candidate Denver Cook, Dist. 4, and resident in the county for just two years, was pleased with his five hundred dollar, two month campaign where he gleaned 17% of the vote. The incumbent, Jay Morris, ran away with the race with a war chest of $120, 000. Ever a ‘number cruncher’, Mr. Cook calculated that Mr. Morris spent $17. For each of his votes; whereas, Denver Cook spent less than two dollars per vote.. Keep an eye on Cook in the future. He’s boiling mad at the County’s budget sleight of hand. Denver questions: “Why do they call it ad valorem’?It sounds like a French dish! But it is just another word for a tax”.

Another Tea Party favorite, the ‘dark horse’ Candidate, Derek Hankerson surprised everyone with 30% of the Republicans voting against the King of the Senate Rules Committee and incumbent front runner Senator Thrasher. If Independences and Democrats could have voted, as they will be able to in the general election, it is not difficult to see that Hankerson may well have upset Sen. Thrasher. Mr. Hankerson gave an emotional speech condemning the leftist propagandists for calling Tea Partiers, racists. Derek’s skin happens to be black. “Yet,” he exclaimed,” I am the twice elected Chairman of the Putnam County Tea party!” The St. Augustine Record Newspaper used all its space on Thrasher, new state job incumbent. There was not any substantial coverage of Hankerson. “Maybe I should have hijacked a tourist train or jumped off the Lions Bridge to get some front page coverage in the Record. I can’t believe it. Even after the election, there is yet another article on Thrasher vying for the FSU Presidency. I might as well put my name in for consideration,” Hankerson joked. Hankerson’s two-month campaign, with little or no funding is, from a Tea Party point of view, a victory. It demonstrates that Tea Party candidates can beat the Republican kingpins.
Breaking out of the Elitist Box

“Last night the excitement was electric. A new wave of revival is in the air”, according to SATP Media Chairman, Dave Heimbold. “Adversity either breaks you or makes you stronger. ‘We the People’ came through. They say “all politics are local”. Tonight was the beginning of the end of Gangsterism in our County, with the election of Jeb Smith and the defeat of Boss Sanchez. We still have the Imperial Attitude of ‘we know better than you peasants who just ask stupid questions’. This was demonstrated by Commissioner Cindy Stevenson in her brow-beating of Denver Cook at the budget meeting last week. But with Boss Sanchez’s defeat, that ‘clicky, in-crowd attitude’ is going to have their sun set.

“The first thing that needs to happen is to have evening meetings of the County Commissioners. Not at 5:01PM when everyone is on their way home from work. But at 7:00PM. This last County meeting at 5:01PM was not convenient for the normal working household,” a Tea Party member exclaimed.

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