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It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.” –Samuel Adams

Town Crier Committee Report

February 21, 2015

Is Megyn Kelly a Fellow Traveler?

Megyn Kelly is so full of herself that she is about to explode.

Actually, Megyn Kelly did explode…and blew herself up. Now we know who she really is…a Full Fledged, Card Carrying RINO. You can take a pretty blond lawyer out of the country and make her the Face of Fox, but you can’t take the RINO out of her heart.

Megyn, the iconoclast, thought she would be the only one standing after her attack on Mayor Emeritus of America, Giuliani, Thursday night, February 19, 2015, on Fox TV’s, The Kelly File.  But Megyn Kelly exposed for all to see, that her beef with America’s Mayor, was because he cast a bad light on the Republican Party. A bad light? For Pete’s’ sake, everyone knows that the Republican leadership are a bunch of high-brow cowards. How does beating up on Giuliani for telling the truth about Obama’s Marxist mentors Frank Marshall Davis, Saul Alinsky and Reverent Wright embarrass the Republican Party? If only the GOP leaders had the balls of Giuliani, Obama would be long gone.

As our readers know, the Town Criers of the St. Augustine Tea Party have been exposing Obama and his top advisors as Communists, for years, on the streets of St. Augustine, Florida. But there have been many others identifying Obama as a card carrying Communist. One of the earliest was Saturday Night Live, alumnus, Victoria Johnson’s video, There Is A Communist In the Whitehouse, done 5 years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlZNA5R9vho

The entire Country knows who Obama is and that he has used his Gangster friends from Chicago to set up the Dictatorship of the Proletariat in the Temple of the United States, the Whitehouse.

Fox News constantly points out that other networks cover for the Dictator in the Presidency but have never called Obama a Communist, straight away. When Giuliani mentions Obama’s three Communist mentors, Megyn Kelly attempted to ‘call him out’ but slipped up and showed herself to be a ‘fellow traveler’ of the PC crowd who are forbidden by the GOP to identify the impostor in the Temple, exalting himself above the Supreme Law of the United States, the Constitution.

The problem now is not the Communist Obama, but the ‘fellow travelers’ like Megyn Kelly and the entire news team at Fox who have been forbidden to expose the Communist plant in the Whitehouse.

Fox, itself, could squash this commie bug and the rest of his Marxist termites would scatter. But no! Their reporters are only allowed to ask ‘rhetorical questions’ like the title of this article, “Is Megyn Kelly a Fellow Traveler? They are not permitted to tell the truth with a declarative sentence or state the facts, such as:

Yes, Megyn Kelly is a fellow traveler and is enabling Obama, the Communist, to stay in office. Fox management has muzzled free speech and is culpable for aiding and abetting this treasonous cover-up of Obama’s true identity…a Marxist gangster. 

Unfortunately for Megyn Kelly, she cut herself seriously while trying to lop-off, American Hero, Giuliani’s head. Too bad, so sad.

February 12, 2015

Quality of Life Posturing Continues

Wanchick wants Revenue Increase

At a special meeting of the Board of County Commissioners, County Administrator, Michael Wanchick, made a 45 minute call for his continual sham, “Quality of Life”, which means, “Grow Government”. He used a fancy power point presentation on the multiple video monitors that populate the auditorium to drive his point home. The public was also subjected to extended presentations, such as the one about Little League and the threat of canceling their programs, while they were restricted to three minutes.

Quality of Life is a Marxist Charade

“Quality of Life” has been a continual theme of the County administrator. He used it to promote the millage rate in 2011. At that time, one lone Tea Party member, pictured left, pointed out that “Quality of Life” comes from the people, not the government. This statement was made at the town hall meeting where citizens who disagreed with Wanchick were being thrown out of the meeting by County Commissioners.

Photo by Bob Kuczewski, 6-27-11

No one was thrown out of the most recent meeting. However, Peter Royal, a local Tea Party member, was restricted by a Sheriff’s Deputy from displaying political signs. In an interview with a Deputy who wished to remain anonymous, he stated, “I am with you, but, the order comes from the Sheriff’s Department.”

Tea Party activists, who were present at the meeting, made the following statement, “The terms Forward, Sustainability and Quality of Life have been code words used by Marxists, and Communists for decades. We find it interesting that “Quality of Life” is so universally used by our County government when they wish to grow what they perceive to be their institutions.”

The good news, according to people opposing the tax increases, is that the “Quality of Life” concept was repeatedly challenged at the most recent special meeting on revenue. People are clearly awakening to the fact that “Quality of Life” does not come from government.

Feedback from the Public Restricted

This was a special meeting which was meant to ‘gain feedback from the public’ about revenue; which is a euphemism for ‘taxes’. However, when the public showed support for a speaker opposed to Wanchick’s revenue scheme by applauding, Commissioner Rachel Bennett immediately and frequently admonished them to stop their applause. Keep in mind that this special evening meeting was to access public support (or disapproval) for the increase in the sales tax.  Ms. Bennett clearly wanted to restrain the public’s opinion which tilted against the increase of the sales tax. At one point Bennett declared, “This is not a sporting event.” 

But Andrea Anthony, First Vice-Chair of the Republican Executive Committee (REC), called Chairman Bennett out for restricting public expression. The audience broke out in a loud and enthusiastic applause, clearly showing their contempt for the Chairman’s biased behavior. Clearly the “We and Them” mentality still exists with some of the County Commissioners and the administration. With Stevenson and Sanchez no longer Commissioners, and a new appointment by the Governor underway, perhaps, the people’s voice will be restored.

At the back of the room, Tea Party members said, “Nothing is more sacred than political expression under the First Amendment!” 

Republicans Instructing Republicans

The Republican Executive Committee officers were present at the meeting and addressed the Commissioners, reminding them of their campaign promises. They had cancelled their scheduled REC meeting to attend the Commissioner’s meeting. Very forceful statements by the REC leadership were made against raising taxes. William Korach, current REC Chairman, Harlan Mason, former REC Chairman, Liliana Kurpanik, REC Corresponding Secretary, Bob Smith, REC 2nd  Vise-Chair, among others, made presentations to the County Board. All were against the ‘revenue’ increase.

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