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February 11, 2015            

Tea Party Stopped the Communist Take Over of the USA in 2010

According to Trevor Loudon, it was the spontaneous Tea Party Movement which “came out of nowhere” that stopped the total takeover of the United States. This was the conclusion of his presentation of The Enemies Within, given at the Salam Centre, in Jacksonville, Florida the evening of February 11, 2015.

The event was hosted by Bear Witness Central, a group of Cuban American patriots, whose goal is to restore freedom in America. These Americans who experienced communism in Cuba know, firsthand, the danger that this nation faces. Pictured above are: Rolando Perez, Bear Witness, top left; Author, Trevor Loudon, center; and Alex Newman, South American Communist Expert, who preceded Trevor Loudon’s lecture, bottom right.

As our readers know, the Town Criers, a committee of the St. Augustine Tea Party, have been exposing Obama and his top advisors as Communists for years, on the streets of St. Augustine, Florida.

Thus, the news that Obama and his chief advisor, Valarie Jarret, have been pushing class warfare and Marxist propaganda was not new to the leadership of the SATP. “It was the validation of Trevor Loudon’s statement that it was the Tea Party Movement alone which stopped the total take-over of the United States by the Communists that was a welcomed surprise to Dave and me”, said Lance Thate, Chairman of the SATP, seen in the picture below with author and lecturer, Trevor Loudon.

“Imagine, Mr. Loudon, a resident of Christchurch, New Zealand has to come to the United States to warn the citizens that the ‘socialist termites’ have infested every aspect of American life, thoughts and political influence.

That the ‘enemy is within’ every branch of the government; Federal, State and local. That the Dictator of the Proletariat is in the White House and the masses don’t even know it!

And who is helping this ‘take-over-from-within’?  None other than the ‘fellow travelers’…the Republican Party elite and their ‘Blow hard’ prognosticator, Karl Rove, from without.

Karl Rove, appointed as the Architect of the GOP, by Fox’s Sean Hannity is, in fact, the “Enemy Overt” of the Tea Party Movement. The ‘Blow hard’ set up his own PAC to defeat Tea Party candidates in last year’s Republican Primaries. After GOP darling, Eric Cantor, was defeated early on by the Tea Party backlash, the money brokers  outspent the grassroots candidates…even resorting to overt corruption, as in the Kansas Republican Primary where Democrats were allowed to vote and defeated, Tea Party-backed, Chris McDaniel.

America is left with Quisling collaborationists in the House and Senate leadership. These weaklings do, and will continue to compromise with the Communist Dictator, Obama, at every opportunity possible. They talk “Constitution”, but are Aristocrats with loyalty only to their self-aggrandizement. In short, they are sell-outs.

We have only praise for Trevor Loudon. The Enemies Within is a terrific resource and names many Communist agents and ‘fellow travelers’ in the House and Senate and throughout the Country.  Trevor would like to see many of the present Republican presidential candidates run as a plank; with, for instance, Ted Cruz for President, Rand Paul, Treasurer, Sarah Palin, Department of energy, etc. We would counter offer: Sarah for President (since she is a Natural Born citizen), Ted Cruz for Secretary of State and Rand Paul for Treasurer.

Unfortunately, in 2010 when the Democratic ‘Socialists’ were defeated in the Congressional election, the victory was short lived for the Tea Party contingent. Karl Rove and the Aristocrats put out a dictum ‘Co-op or destroy’ the peasants: that is, take over the Tea Parties or destroy the ones who will not tow the GOP line. In effect they said, “Thanks for helping us win back the House, now we are going to discredit you, throw you out and steal all your stuff.”

Too bad, so sad for the Grand Old Party, they underestimated us. The Tea Party Movement is ‘within’ the People. It is ‘the American Spirit’ awakening and shining light on the lies and corruption of both parties.

[Editor’s Note: Trevor Loudon, Author & Lecturer is touring the United States: Check schedule: Contact in the USA: ]

February 10, 2015

Common Core is a Nightmare

Janet McDonald, Neurodevelopment Therapist, was the SATP’s speaker at the Open Meeting on February 10, 2015 at the Village Inn, St. Augustine, Florida. Janet gave a brief autobiographical sketch on her qualifications:  Educator, Language Arts Specialist (Lehigh U), professional development & curriculum experience, Neurodevelopment Therapist & Instructor, member of Flagler County School Board (elected November 2014).

“The psychological impact on children subjected to the Common Core curriculum is devastating,” Janet stated. “Many children may never recover their love for learning”.

McDonald emphasized that Common Core (renamed, Florida Standards, to obfuscate the public) is an ‘untested’ experiment created by attorneys, businessmen, and educational reformers to make the young, impressionable student “compliant workers for the corporate world.”

“Common Core has not been validated, just copyrighted,” she said. “In other words, the standards have not been deemed adequate nor “more rigorous” by respected educators with content expertise and standards/curriculum creation experience, since common core standards, and all products associated with them, lack research, developmentally appropriate alignment, and documentation for demonstrated success in classrooms anywhere.  The tests children are forced to take have not been field tested, validated, nor demonstrated reliability.  Most lessons are needlessly complex, without context for associative learning, and are paced to accomplish a one-size-fits-none curriculum by testing time.  The common core marketing claims cannot be justified nor demonstrated by any of the materials or promoters.  Jason Zimba, lead writer for the math standards, said that common core would not prepare any student for STEM careers nor higher than community college.  Educators, Dr. Stotsky and Dr. Milgram, and independent foundations have stated on close inspection of the materials that our common core students will be at least 4 or more years behind global peers in ELA and math.”

The immediate solution for parents is to ‘opt out’ of these tests.  The tests are designed for minimal success, drive the costs and feed the cycle for more materials, more training, and more technology…beneficial model for the businesses postured to profit.   In Florida, our legislators and Gov. have codified and changed state law to allow for vast data mining by the corporate interests who gain access from technology used in common core.  The anticipated school and teacher evaluation use of student assessment results is not scientifically validated…”junk science” those with testing expertise have claimed.   Parents must resist and advocate for appropriate education and assessment at every grade.  

Florida Education Stakeholders Empowerment Bill is currently in bill writing for this legislative session, with Rep Tobia and Senator Hays serving as education champions for students in Florida.  Visit  for more information on ways to let your legislators your views on regaining educational sovereignty and excellence in Florida.

The WHAT, WHY, and HOW of Common Core violates our US Constitution and 3 Federal statutes, which clearly state that education is a local/state responsibility.  We must retain the ability to decide what is best for ourselves and our children, rather than businessmen who have the ears of politicians. 

What is the TRUE cost of Common Core/FLStandards?    Right now, both St. Johns and Flagler Counties have board members who think that their job is to say “Yes” to their Superintendents, according to McDonald.  Parents, teachers, and community members need to speak out to reverse the undermining of public education by legislators who do not fully understand the impact of their actions in classrooms and children’s lives….and ultimately the economic health of our counties, state, and nation.   As M.L. King maintained, “We have a moral responsibility to resist unjust laws.”  Common core flies in the face of common sense and educational excellence.

“This is the first meeting of the year where the SATP is addressing the problem of Common Core. It is tough fighting Former Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush’s dream of changing children into drones for the computer age. Too bad for him that this ill-conceived ‘testing boondoggle’ is about to implode in his face. It was all about money, from the beginning; not about our children”, said Dave Heimbold, Media Chairman of the St. Augustine Tea Party. “Concerned parents, when they experience their children’s despair over their convoluted homework, want answers”.

“Jail time would be too good for Mr. Jeb Bush and his cohorts”, another Tea Party member added. 

In the meantime, remember the wise counsel of Mark Twain, who ‘never let his schooling interfere with his education.’

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