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April 21, 2016

The Process is Shoplifting Delegates

It's just amazing how stupid the average American voter is. Year after year they vote for a President who promises to fix all their problems. And time after time, they are disappointed. The Wednesday after the election they are back to work. Those not working await their next government check. Children are born. People die. The Presidency, on an individual's daily life, is irrelevant.

 Unfortunately, those who are playing with the stupid American voters are not only as stupid, but suicidal. The most brilliant Harvard lawyers, the political savants like Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer and best of the best talking heads have been 'played'. The Dems have gangster style "Super Delegates" and the wannabe crooked Republicans are just shoplifters in comparison.

Shoplifting delegates is bad enough. But bragging about it is the height of folly. The public may be stupid but they are street smart and they know a thief when they see one...particularly, when the thief is wearing a lawyer's tie and jacket.We The People, as dumb as we are, know that both parties (the Political Class) are stealing the Peoples votes. The system is rigged and is imploding, and both Trump and Bernie exist because of it.



April 10, 2016

Tea Party
Nothing political just happens; all is the result of someone’s effort. This is a view that is widely held by political activists. Yet there is no evidence that the emergence of the Tea Party Movement was the result of an organized effort. In 2008 a known Communist was elected President of the United States. The reaction was a populist movement that exploded on the scene. The spark that set it off was a TV rant by Rick Santelli on CNBC.

Massive GOP Establishment Deception
The gigantic populist Tea Party movement that started in 2009 is the anti-establishment of today. About half of the anti-establishment people are in the Cruz camp; the other half are Trump supporters. United Cruz, Trump forces vastly outnumber those who have ruled with impunity for so many years. To distort the reality, the GOP leadership encourage their media pundits to continually promote the idea that about 65% of Republicans are opposed to the Trump candidacy. The relevant number, however, is that the combined Tea Party, IE: anti-establishment forces, outnumber the leadership elite two to one. Not since the Goldwater days has a Republican establishment been so threatened. In 1964 Nelson Rockefeller, representing the New World order leadership of the Republican Party, was booed off stage at the national convention in Los Angeles. United, that same opposition to the leadership, would happen again in Cleveland in 2016.

GOP Leadership Pack Delegates with their Own
Political decisions do not occur in a vacuum. GOP leadership operatives, we believe, are operating in both the Cruz and Trump campaigns. Their purpose is to create strife and division. It appears they are being very successful. Delegate selection is being conducted through the same corrupt process that has existed for over 50 years. It is based on contribution of funds or commitment of service to the party. If a conservative is selected, they must prove to the establishment that they will support the progressive New World Order agenda. All this is done in the name of party loyalty. The corruption within the party causes it to make very poor candidate decisions.

America is waking up to the fact that a new majority party must be formed.

April 9, 2016
It’s Universal…

The Town Criers are a committee of the St. Augustine Tea Party and conduct political polls in the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida on a regular basis. The people on St. George Street change daily and represent people from across the country. A group of Town Crier volunteers took to the streets on April 9, 2016.  The question was, “Should Hillary be indicted?” It was a very easy poll to conduct because everybody wanted to participate. The St. George Street polls are random selection. It was difficult to get a random selection because people from all walks of life volunteered. The official results of the St. George Street poll are as follows:

Should Hillary be indicted?
                                                         Yes  93%
No     7%

There is Anger Among the People
The anger demonstrated by the public towards the Clintons is not being reported by the mainstream media. Most of the people who engaged the Town Criers displayed varying degrees of anger towards Mrs. Clinton. When asked if they were angry, a typical response was, “I AM VERY ANGRY!!” The Democratic insiders are ignoring this phenomenon. That’s why you have Bernie Sanders. The Republicans insiders are equally guilty. That’s why you have Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. The GOP response is, "we need a new face". According to the Town Criers, we don’t need a communist, Bernie Sanders. And we don’t need a new face, as the GOP leadership suggests. We need a new political party.


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