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January 15, 2015

District 6 Special Election Heats UP

District 6 Senatorial Candidate Dennis McDonald, who is well known in Flagler County, is closing his campaign for Senator Thrashers’ vacated seat in St. Johns County.                                                        

“I received 4000 votes in Flagler. If I can do as well in St. Johns with the anti-Common Core parents, I believe I can win. Parents and teachers in District 6 are sick of the ‘child abuse’ their children are enduring being subject to this insane curriculum. Republican voters, who can read and write and add up numbers in their heads, are sick of the elitists, academics forcing algorithms on students who don’t know basic math. Worse is the psychobabble, inappropriate sexing information, forced on minors, weaved through different subjects.”

Above is a picture of Dennis and has wife Janet at the Open meeting of the Saint Augustine Tea Party (SATP)  at the Village Inn, January 13, 2015. Janet McDonald sits on the School Board in Flagler County. Janet has personal experience in answering the complaints of mothers and fathers who are struggling to help their children cope with Florida Standards (the new name for Common Core which the Republican leadership in Tallahassee now uses to disguise this Bush/Gates attack on home rule).

“It’s all about money”, Janet said. “Bill Gates wants to sell Microsoft in every school, everywhere. He and Jeb Bush could care less what’s in the curriculum. Nor does the GOP establishment in Tallahassee. We need Dennis in the Senate to change the tide.”

Grieving Dad cries for Help!

For God’s sake, Help!  This Common Core stuff is defeating my two young girls!

This upcoming Special Election for Senate District 6 is really something special. With no incumbent, low turnout, and short election cycle, voters have a chance to vote for a candidate we choose, not one chosen for them by someone in Tallahassee.

The only candidate that is completely unfettered by political pressures and campaign obligations is Dennis McDonald. This makes him the only candidate that can do what he says he will do. The only one who can represent the people he is elected to serve.

A parent, who has awakened to what common core is doing to their children, cannot compromise on this issue. With all the discussion about common core, it is inexcusable for any candidate not to have at least looked into why parents and teachers are rising up against it.

Words alone cannot adequately tell why this is not merely a political issue. Once a child’s natural curiosity is beaten down, it may be lost forever. I love my daughters but the elites in Tallahassee don’t give a dam.

I have met Dennis. He and his wife care. Please vote him. Dennis McDonald will fight common core and bring control of our children’s education back to the parents and teachers, where it belongs.

Willis Pebble

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