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July 16, 2015

Trump’s Phenomenal Popularity is no Surprise to Warriors against “Political Correctness”

Americans are Ready for the Truth

Trump’s phenomenal popularity is no surprise to the members of the St. Augustine Tea Party (SATP). Over the past four years their Town Criers have been engaging the public in the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida. The Town Criers have observed a growing disconnect between the people and the established political parties. What the American people respond to is an abandonment of “Political Correctness”. They are ready for the truth. Americans are sick to death of the Democrat’s Marxism and Republican’s pretending to be different.

The Tea Party’s Town Crier Committee has been attacking “Political Correctness” (PC) with stunning success. Their signs and flags are like beacons of truth over the surface of a troubled sea of PC. The Town Criers have been rejected by the local print media and have been ridiculed by members of both parties. They are often called the Village Idiots. [The Tea Party meets at the Village Inn Restaurant] However, each time the Criers appear on St. George Street, they are elevated to “King of the Road” by appreciative Americans.

It Takes Courage to be an American

Today we have 20 presidential candidates vying for their party’s nomination. Nineteen of them play the political correctness game in varying shades of black and gray. Only Trump, at least on the so-called illegal immigration issue, has abandoned PC. Trump has simply plugged into the dynamics of the Tea Party movement. The result is immediate success with the people and instant condemnation by his Party. The GOP leadership insists that Trump does not speak for the Party. On a local level, the Town Criers experience exactly the same thing from exactly the same kind of people. Trump has shown courage. He has exposed the insidious nature of PC. Illegal entry into a sovereign state is not immigration. It is an act of aggression, trespassing. The way you stop trespassing is to put up a fence. It is what the American people want. It is not what the Marxist Democrats and their Republican friends want. “Political Correctness” had its origin in the former Soviet Union. Deception is its goal.

Trump Wins Hands Down.

Political discussions are routine after Tea Party meetings conclude. On July 14, 2015, a straw poll was conducted and Trump won hands down. Ted Cruz and Scott Walker, in separate polls, received about one third approval from those still in attendance. “It appears that the public is looking for authentic candidates who have the courage to speak their convictions. Career politicians playing the PC game, are not going to get the independent vote. It should be remembered that Independents now outnumber Republicans and Democrats combined,” a Tea Party member said.

July 14, 2015

SATP Holds its Annual Meeting

The St. Augustine Tea Party held its fourth Annual Meeting at the Village Inn, St. Augustine, Florida, on July 14, 2015. According to the bylaws of the organization, this is the only meeting that is required throughout the year. However, the SATP is a very active grassroots organization. It meets three times a month on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 PM. The first Tuesday of the month is a closed business meeting. The second and fourth Tuesday of each month are speaker meetings, which are open to the public. The remaining Tuesdays of the month are attended by Tea Party committee members. The Village Inn management has played host to the Tea Party since August, 2010. Chairman, Lance Thate, on behalf of the SATP members expressed gratitude for the Village Inn’s service to the Tea Party.

Election of Officers

The main order of business was the election of officers for the coming year. The following officers were elected by a unanimous vote.

Board member and Chairman, Lance Thate

Board member and Treasurer, David Heimbold

Board member and Secretary, Kelly Lorbeer

Yvonne Heikkinen served as SATP’s Secretary for about 2 ½ years.  Mrs. Heikkinen had announced prior to the meeting, that she would not be a candidate for the coming year. The former secretary nominated her own replacement, Kelly Lorbeer, who won with a unanimous vote. Members present expressed their gratitude for her service. Heikkinen is known for her detailed minutes and she served with distinction. Mrs. Heikkinen stated, “I’m not going anywhere and will be participating in the Tea Party’s future activities”. The SATP’s bylaws only provide for one Secretary. Yvonne fulfilled the Recording Secretary’s role.  Helping her in the background was her friend, Joyce Ferrigno, who has evolved into an unelected Corresponding Secretary. Special recognition, by the Chairman, was given to Mrs. Ferrigno for her professional service to the Tea Party, acting as Corresponding Secretary and to Yvonne Heikkinen for her dedicated service as Recording Secretary.


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