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May 8, 2016

The Never 'Never-Trump' remedy for a closed mind

By David P. Heimbold

Now is your chance to join the brand new anti-establishment movement which is called symbolically Never 'Never-Trump', a non-profit anti-establishment movement.  You'll want to be the first in your town to join the Never 'Never-Trump'  anti-establishment movement because you'll feel so good to know that there's now a list of the people that will never never never vote for Trump, period. We will send you that list so that you can print it and shun them for the rest of their natural born lives. We will call this new religion the Shun the anti-Trump Pseudo Intellectual Movement. If that is confusing, just think of it this way: Once Upon a Time, way back when there was only one true church, the Pope had all the answers. Just ask Copernicus. We covered the sun revolving around the earth store before, but it's worth repeating. There's just one person that has the truth. And that is the Never-Trump establishment crew that has bad mouthed Mr. Trump and elevated Mr. Cruz to the level of sainthood. Now we know that there are different steps to become a saint. In most cases you have to be dead. And while you're dead you have to perform two miracles. The first miracle would be how to shun the Never-Trump faction of the establishment forever and ever and ever. (They think they're right, holier-than-thou and above it all). They remind us of the Pharisees of old that Jesus Christ had to wrestle with. They think they alone have the truth and nobody else has the truth. They are self-righteous and they have names like Cruz and Rubio who never qualified to run for the presidency of the United States because they're not natural born citizens. But that didn't bother them. And it doesn't bother the Never-Trump gang. Not that we don't like Canadian-Cubans.

So join today and you can be a member of the Never 'Never-Trump' disestablishmentarian society. And we will post the names of all the people that said   they would never vote for Trump and you will recognize many of them as being iconoclasts. Iconoclasts are basically people that have a high opinion of themselves.

They point to the faults of others to make themselves even higher up and they keep playing on the faults of others until finally they get so high up in the stratosphere that they die from lack of oxygen. And they fall without remedy. In order to join the Never 'Never-Trump' anti-establishment group all you have to do is say, "I will never, never, never, never, never vote for a 'Never-Trump bigot."   Then make a list of the Never, 'Never-Trump' faction and check off, over the next year or two, and see where their careers end up. It will probably be in the trash can.    The 'Never-Trump' crowd has soiled the Tea Party brand and this is an unforgivable sin. They are therefore excommunicated from civil Society and are becoming invisible. They may still write articles, publish articles and beg for more money. But soon this movement will dry up and they will never be seen again. If they land in purgatory, no amount of money can buy their way out. There is no Indulgence big enough get them out of their misery. Because they played against the truth (they've lied against the truth, they pointed fingers and therefore the fingers come back to point at them) and  have so many fingers pointing in the eye that all they'll be able to say for the rest of their lives is: "I'll never, never, never, never say never again." De-programming a Never Trump brain-washed, right-wing politically correct, religious nut is no easy task. The lock on their mind is self-righteousness. They, in their own mind, become god; always right, inflexible to a fault, pompus and totally delusionary. They hate the agent that has come to free them and lock themselves up with Pride, Prejudice, and a hidden lust for Power. They have fallen from grace.

May 6, 2016

A Case of Marxist Racism

Today, the Town Criers, a committee of the St. Augustine Tea Party (SATP), appeared on the streets of the historic district in St. Augustine, Florida. The Town Criers have been engaging the public in this national scene for the past five years. Over this period of time, they report many encounters with the communists and the leftists among us.

Deliberate Set Up Racial Overtones

The Town Criers started their outing at Flagler College with the intent of greeting students and providing them with pocket editions of the Constitution of the United States. A lack of young people at the college necessitated a change of plans and they proceeded to walk up historic St. George Street. They were carrying their Gadsden flags and signs protesting political correctness (PC). The woman, pictured above, positioned herself so as to challenge the Criers, as they approached. “What do you have against brown people?” She said several times trying to get attention. The answer to the question from a Tea Party volunteer, “I have nothing against brown people. In fact I dated a woman from South Africa whose ancestry was from India.” It turned out that the young man pictured with her above was an American from Alabama, attending Flagler College, whose parents were from India. The woman then said, “See were all the same. Everybody’s the same. I support Bernie Sanders.” Lance Thate, Chairman SATP said, “No we are not the same. Some people are brown, some are white, and some are black, yellow and so on. But in America, we are all equal under the law. Bernie Sanders is a Marxist. When you let the government make decisions for you, you lose your liberty. I will not trade my freedom of choice for a crust of bread and a roof over my head. Without liberty there is only tyranny. Bernie Sander’s, philosophy is tyranny. The socialist system offers no choice.” At this point, the woman took off and it was later discovered that the young man was only used by her; he had never met her before. The Town Criers invited him to attend their Tea Party meeting and he agreed to come. It was clear who was racist and who was not. Victory over the communists is sometimes one person at a time.




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