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November 5, 2014

By Dawn's Early Light? 
y John Knapp

How do I feel about last night's election results?
Well, it sure beats the hell out of the democrats keeping the U.S. Senate. However, I'm certain Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are intent on keeping their positions as leaders of their respective houses and, unfortunately, I think both of them are comfortable with the idea of big government, which is not why America voted the GOP into control of the U.S. Senate last night.

The America people want the bleeding of America to stop. They want Obama stopped. They want democrats yanked out of the driver's seat and thrown off the bus. They want big government curtailed. They want their America back, freed from the grasp of a ridiculous assortment of abysmal, anti-American political hooligans. America wants grown-ups in charge again, because America remembers, and so desperately needs, and so sorely misses, the likes of one Ronald Wilson Reagan.
I'm worried the GOP leadership will claim, as they have for a while now, that TEA Party ideas are irrelevant. America didn't vote for the GOP last night, they voted against the democrats' brand of political anarchy. They voted against Barack Obama. I'm worried the GOP leadership will be unwilling to correctly understand last night's mandate.

I'm worried the GOP will be mostly interested in controlling the federal government's massive money redistribution, and the power which comes with that, for the benefit of the GOP.  What if we've changed horses, only to be dragged across the same stream, because not enough will change? I'm worried the GOP will turn out to be a different flavor of the same poison.

I'm worried the debt will continue, because the profligate spending won't be curtailed, because the momentum of the status quo comes with SO much inertia. I'm worried the GOP won't attribute last night's big gains to the fact that America wants less of democrats, less of republicans, and less of a government nanny nipping at all our freedoms.

The 'system' has been overwhelmingly organized in government's favor forever. It's what government naturally does. Retracting overbearing government is an entirely foreign concept to Washington, D.C., the most prosperous area in the entire country, which is far away from what America's Founders intended, and so far away from what is politically, economically, culturally, and morally sustainable. Ants will fight - and bite - you for their sugar.

Government - and those who run it - just naturally comes to want more and more of what it is that gives it so much power and influence over the Citizenry, no matter what side of the political aisle those who run government call 'home'. It's an ugly, selfish part of human nature.
So, it will take some VERY patriotic, determined, and purely- selfless new GOP Senators and Congressmen, to drag their longer-serving peers away from the idea that the 'spoils' - the American people - belong to the victors, and that the big federal honey pot they've all been carving up so long is not theirs to fritter away on government whims and political party 'entitlements'.This culture has been defining deviancy down for as long as I can remember, and government and political corruption have been defined down along with everything else. So much of what passes for 'government' these days is corruption, pure and simple. It will take moral, steadfast, and courageous leadership from Conservative leaders to call down the ubiquitous corruption which now comes at Americans, via every tentacle of the federal government. That is a very tall order. Nevertheless, after last night's election results, perhaps a serious discussion can begin on how to go about trying to fill it. If Barack Obama remains true to his nature, in his last two years in office, he'll turn last night's stinging rebuke into blind revenge against those who have deigned to rebuke him. His Disgracefulness is quite crazy, you know.

These next two years, provided the legislative branch of American governance is up to the task, the second American Civil War could finally be fought across Pennsylvania Avenue. And, if the GOP has the cajones for it, America's dalliance with Liberalism, Socialism, Marxism, and/or Communism could be thrown on the ash heap of history, where it so rightfully belongs.

That's exactly what last night's election was all about, Senator McConnell and Speaker Boehner. Well, duh?


November 3, 2014

What bugs me about Mosquito Control?
By Joe Ryan

Few jobs in government are less glamorous then a being a mosquito control board’s commissioner.  However, few jobs in our government are more important to the health of our citizens and of our economic health then that of a mosquito control commissioner.

So when read an article that supports her opponent for Anastasia Mosquito Control District (AMCD) attack Commissioner Jeanne Moeller for attending too many informational conferences normally called workshops, I felt I had to say something. To be clear, her opponent Cory Mara did not attack Commissioner Moeller, but it is begging the question, is it wrong for commissioners to attend workshops.

If the attacks on Jeanne are motivated by partisan politics then they should stop. Just because the AMCD is an elected position does not means it is fare game for the political tactics of character assassination and innuendo.  I may disagree with Jeanne Moeller on most political issues, or I may not. It does not matter because the AMCD board is non-partisan because it needs to be filled by qualified people. Mosquito control is too important to filter out candidates or to be used a stepping stone for a political career. Mosquitoes carry diseases that kill people. Even if no one dies, a small outbreak would cripple our tourist industry and all who depend on it. So I am presenting this to defend my Party’s character by defending innuendo with facts.

I talked to Jeanne Moeller after a chance encounter and asked her about attending conferences. I said that she had been accused of attending conferences at “a rate disproportionate to the other Commissioners” in the Historic City News. She simply said that she was fortunate to be able to take vacation time to attend the workshops, which may not be the case with other members. She seemed to think that it was her responsibility to be as informed as possible. She acknowledges that the Director Dr. Rui-De Xue attends the workshops and seemed to have a great respect for him. She said nothing negative about other commissioners or her opponent, Mr. Mara.
She said that the conventions or workshops were a great way to share knowledge with other districts and to establish mutually beneficial relationships. I asked if other district commissioners attended the workshops and she said yes. Apparently the scientists and the commissioners sometimes broke off into separate groups with each concentrating on their areas of interest.

I asked her if any benefit to AMCD came as a result of this interaction between commissioners. Jeanne did not take credit for any accomplishments made possible by the conferences, she used the word “We” much more than ‘I”, but she mentioned a few things. One innovation that someone had shared was a method to more precisely narrow down the location of a CDC report. Instead of having to spray the entire district or zip code, they could go to the affected area first, and work out from there. The AMCD save 50% of the chemicals needed by treating areas unnecessarily.

Other results of attending the conferences and workshops are having opportunities to see new products and methods. AMCD is currently getting paid to pilot test a new wind monitoring system and tracking system. We are benefiting from the day with more accurate spraying while becoming safer for the environment and people.

I would add that having at least one board member understand what Dr. Xue is saying provides a bridge between his scientific understanding and the Board’s experience.

Jeanne, also would make trips to Washington or Tallahassee when are necessary to advocate for the districts. Recently the Federal government was creating restrictions that would have prevented the AMCD from doing its job. Jeanne was part of the delegation.

If you want a commissioner that is paid $4,800, and basically attends meetings, you will pay $100/hr. hour, for an uninformed opinion. If you want informed activity informed people on the board, then it will cost $2000 in expenses, but they will work for less than $25 an hour. What we have is Jeanne Moeller who is someone who attends the board meetings and conferences, workshops and participates in legislative delegations, which possess a wealth of knowledge, all for the love of the job, than keep Jeanne Moeller.

From my research I found that most of the workshops are relatively small and generally run 2-3 days, but you can go for one day. They cost about $50 a day, normally including lunch, and attendee are provided with material to take back to their districts. Most of the workshops are within a one day driving distance, and if lodging if needed it runs from $110 to $150 a night.  Our AMCD hosted a 2 day work shop with such topics as “New Insights into the Ecology of Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus Transmission in the Southeastern USA”. Anyone who can get excited by THAT topic, needs to stay on the board.

As someone who went to conventions in Las Vegas, I can say, conventions are hard work, exhausting and certainly no fun, even in Vegas.


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