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June 28, 2014

There’s a new Party among us

Today the Town Criers, a committee of the St. Augustine Tea Party, returned to the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida.  In spite of 92° weather, which the weathermen described as feeling like 103 degrees, the Town Criers engaged a national audience on St. George Street. It was reported that, of the committee members that reported for duty today, none was under the age of 70. It was interesting to note that these patriots of advanced years, appealed to people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. The Town Criers have been engaging the public for over three years now. They report that the Tea Party movement is alive and well. The spirit of the movement is in the people. Americans are coming to understand that they, not Democratic or Republican political elitists, are going to have to take charge.

The greatest Tea Party resurgence is taking place among the young.

The greatest resurgence in the movement is taking place among the young.  “Imagine, young people finding common ground with the Tea Party. These young people are not joining the “Young Republicans” because the Republican Party has made it very clear, what they think of Libertarians and those Conservatives who believe in constitutional government. These young people are finding that the Tea Party values are about constitutional governance which supersedes blind party loyalty. It is time for Americans to stand up for Liberty and reject the progressivism of both parties,” the Criers exclaimed, adding, “The Tea Party is the American spirit in action!”

The people are  rejecting the Bushes, the Clintons and above all, Obama

The new third-party, feared by both parties, has already emerged among the people. The Tea Party, once closely aligned with the Republicans, is now under attack by the GOP. The public is not buying what the Republicans are selling and they despise the Democratic regime. That leaves the Tea Party, with its good name intact, the clear winner. This is true, in spite of the mainstream media efforts from the very beginning to malign the American values dear to the Tea Party movement. According to the Town Criers, evidence of this movement’s expansion is present in the defeat of the Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, in the Virginia primary and, more recently, in the Mississippi senatorial run off between Chris McDaniel, the Tea Party candidate, and Thad Cochran, the establishment candidate. The extent that the Republican leadership would use racism to defeat this Tea Party candidate is disgraceful. It is reported that Mc Daniel’s team will be examining irregularities in the voting data to determine whether or not to challenge the results. The Town Criers believe that McDaniel would prevail in a new runoff election. The Criers report that Tea Party candidates will be running as Republicans, in some cases, and as independents in others.  “Either a new party emerges with constitutional values, or we will slip into a totalitarian Marxist state. The choice is up to the people. What we witness in the historic district of St. Augustine gives us confidence for the future,” a Town Crier spokesman said.

The St. Augustine Tea Party has a long history in the struggle against the Republican establishment.  [See Control or Destroy  May 15,2013 at http://


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