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November 8, 2014

Town Criers assess post election sentiment

Apathy turns to a very guarded hope

Pirates invade historic district

There were exceptionally greater numbers of people in the historical district today because of the St. Augustine Pirate Gathering 2014 event at Frances Field. Support for the Tea Party by the “invading Pirates” and others was an impressive thing to experience. The Town Criers, a committee of the Saint Augustine Tea Party, took to the streets to test the public’s post election sentiment. At their last outing on October 26th, the Criers reported that public apathy was higher, regarding the election process, than at any other time since the Tea Party’s emergence in 2009.  [See ]  The Town Criers have been engaging a national audience in the historic district of St. Augustine, Florida for over three years. [See]                                                                    

Apathy turned to a very guarded hope, according to what was observed on St George Street. The pre-election sentiment was despair based on the public’s belief that neither party could be trusted to right the nation’s ills. In an election with two-thirds of the eligible voters choosing not to participate, the GOP was able to turn out more voters than their Democratic opponents did. Not since the war year of 1942 has the number of voters playing a part been so low. The Republicans managed their victory without the Tea Party base. The elitist Republican leadership is convinced, that by excluding Tea Party candidates and promoting moderate [progressive] candidates, victory for the GOP can be maintained. Karl Rove and the likes have declared the Tea Party as no longer being a factor. Since the Tea Party’s inception, the Republican leadership has had a policy of either controlling or distorting the Tea Party. [See ] Failing to control the movement, which is too big for the GOP to control, it is now all about destroying it. “For some time now attacks on the Tea Party, whether coming from the Democrats or the Republicans, cannot be discerned because both parties use the same general language and talking points,” a Tea Party spokesman disclosed. Continuing, he said, “Why shouldn’t they be the same? Both parties promote “Big Government” and central planning. Tea Party senators, this past week, have sent Harry Reid a letter warning him of a Constitutional crisis if Obama continues his lawless behavior. Such confrontation offers a ray of guarded hope that the GOP will do its duty and demand Constitutional governance.”

Republican’s mandate is to stop Obama’s Marxist agenda

On Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, on November 5, 2014, Rush declared the GOP’s mandate is to stop Obama. It is not to demonstrate cooperation with the Marxist agenda.  The Town Criers confirmed this on their November 8th engagement with the public, as shown in the sample of pictures above. “The public is not interested in a new brand of Marxism. “Mr. Rove, the Tea Party movement is alive and well in the two thirds who did not vote,” a Town Crier stated.

Town Crier Pre –election Predictions

The Town Criers made the following predictions on October 26, 2014.

1.      The election will have a low turnout

2.      This will favor the Republicans causing them to gain control of the Senate;

3.       And the Republicans will fail, yet again, to lead the Conservative cause.

The first two forecasts were correct.  The Criers sincerely hope the third will not come to be a reality.  However, history shows it is likely.  Already, the elitist leaders of the party are talking about cooperation with the criminals in the White House. If the GOP leadership continues on this course it will be the Republican Party that will not be a factor in 2016.

Town Crier Mission Clear

After the 2012 election, with the re-election of Obama and the failure to unseat Harry Reid as Senate Majority leader, the Town Criers stood down two and a half months to access their goals and strategies. “No need to re-access our goals after the 2014 election,” the Criers remarked.  “Our job is to keep pressure on the Republicans to do what’s right for the Country by re-instating Constitutional governance. If the GOP doesn’t respond, then it is on to an independent Tea Party Presidential candidate in 2016 and the birth of a new majority party.”

Town Criers meet a very special Hero
It was an honor to meet James L. Baker. Mr. Baker served in the Army Corp of Engineers during WWII. He was at Normandy on the 2nd day and his Corp assisted Patton’s Third Army on its race across France in 1944.Veterans Day is November 11 and the Saint Augustine Tea Party (SATP) will observe it with a special open meeting at the Village Inn on November 11, 2014 at 6:30 PM.  The Village Inn is located at 900 Ponce de Leon Blvd. in St. Augustine, Florida.  The public is welcome.  Free pie will be served by the Village Inn to all Vets and active military servicemen. The SATP’s speaker for the evening will be “Lucky” Howe.  Lucky is a WWII Veteran who served in the South Pacific during the war.  The long time St Augustine resident is well known in the Community.  The SATP is honored to have him as a member.  He is the SATP’s oldest and only WWII veteran. Mr. Howe is in his late eighties and still politically active. There is no “Political Correctness” (PC) in Lucky’s vocabulary.  For a night of celebration, the Tea Party encourages you to join the Vets on their day. American Liberty exists because of men like Mr. Baker and Mr. Howe.


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