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We believe in a Constitutional Government ~ We believe in a Smaller, Less Intrusive Government ~
We believe in a Fiscally Responsible Government




Town Crier Committee Takes to the Streets

Town Crier

The Town Crier Committee can be found in the streets of Saint Augustine every weekend. St Augustine is the "Nation's Oldest City" and the old town atmosphere is a perfect setting for period clothing and Gadsden Flags. Their assigned duties consist of passing out US Constitutions to the "Town Folk" and tourists alike. Since most of the public is from out of town, The Saint Augustine Tea Party has a unique opportunity to promote the "Tea Party Movement" on a National level. At the sight of the Criers, many of the visitors want to identify with the Tea party signs and our bright yellow flags. The Town Criers accommodate them by posing with them for photographs. It is estimated that 500 to 1000 photos are made each weekend. Considering the internet exposure, we believe our small committee is helping the cause far beyond our numbers. Come Join Us. Criers are blessed to see the awakening of America.

Town Crier Committee Reports

Volume 5

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 5 No.1    

Town Crier Committee Report Starts its Fifth Year

Commissioner Jimmy Johns holds Town Hall Meet and Greet

Republican Party of Florida promotes its “Sunshine Summit”

Tea Party Calls for Outside Legal Council


School Board’s Sales Tax Deception Revealed


Public Celebrates Tea Party Presence:   155th Appearance of the Town Criers

Assistant County Administrator Addresses Tea Party


Tea Party Challenges Sales Tax Increase 


Trump Comes to Jacksonville, Florida


Rose Bailey featured speaker at Tea Party Meeting 
Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 5 No. 2    

Commissioner Bennett Holds Town Hall Meeting


Communist Infiltration Nearly Complete


Patrick Henry delivers his “Call to Arms” to Local Tea Party


Welcome to Florida, Mr. Bush

Is Trump for Real?


SATP Salutes the St. Augustine Police Dept. for their Service

Attorney Malcolm Anthony Featured SATP Speaker


Think Before you Donate!

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 5 No. 3    

Don’t Rain on Our Parade


Enemies Foreign and Domestic


St Augustine Tea Party Holds its 6th Annual

Christmas Party


Obama's Ill-Begotten 'Legacy'


Speaker Paul ‘Ryno’ sports a Jihadist Beard

Latest St George Street Poll Results


Town Crier Report Vol.5 No. 4    
The Year of Decision Begins

Obama's Chickens Have Come Home to Roost

Standing Tall in the West

1st Black President gives Hillary a Black Eye

Hillary Who?

Common Core Resistance
Goes to Tallahassee

Official Spokesman for GOP in Florida shows us
Party’s True Colors

The SATP Town Crier’s Experience Explosive

Washington’s Betrayal

Government Health Care Unintended Consequences

Anchor- Baby, Rubio beats Canadian Born Cruz

Americans Preparing to Resist Gun Control

Town Crier Report Vol.5 No.5    

Latest St. George Street Poll: Post Iowa

Pre New Hampshire Presidential Results


Town Criers Make Their 160th Appearance


Cubans Responding to Communism



Debra Maynard Addresses a Full House at

SATP’s Open Meeting


SATP Chairman Questions “Hands Up Don’t Shoot

Issue” in Oregon

Open Letter to Pam Bondi

The Truth about Media


The People’s Choice


St. George Street Poll Results

Town Crier Report Vol.5 No.6    

The Party is Over


“He’s a Con Artist”




Generations Connect in the Tea Party


“The Wearing of the Green”

Let’s all Blame Trump


Parallels of our ‘Dear Leader’


GOP “Dirty Tricks” in Full Bloom

Town Crier Vol.5 No.7    
Will America rise from the dead?


Major Renovation Starts on Dartmouth

Open House at Camp Liberty


It’s Universal…Indict


Tea Party Divided


The Process is Shoplifting Delegates

“It’s Great to be Loved”
New St. George Street Poll

New GOP Contender Poll


Volume 4

pdf/Town Crier Committee Vol 4 No 11.pdf
Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 4 No. 1

A Tenacious Few


"Obama is a Communist" is no longer news

Half-Past the Democrat Waterloo, Finally?


Is Anyone going to vote in this Election? Apthy Runs High


Marines of Long Ago

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 4 No. 2    

‘Lucky’ Howe, WW2 Marine, kicks butts!

What bugs me about Mosquito Control?  By Joe Ryan

By Dawn's Early Light?  By John Knapp

Town Criers assess post election sentiment

Town Criers meet a very special Hero

St Johns County’s Elite Celebrate

Tea Party at “Nights of Lights”

Eric Golub Rocks SATP Meeting

Do you Remember when the Communists did not Own Hollywood? 

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 4 No. 3    

St Augustine’s Christmas Parade - SATP joins St Augustine Christmas Parade 

The Dartmouth Drops Anchor at the Record Office

Enemies Foreign and Domestic

Saint Augustine Tea Party has a Christmas Party

Socialist Termites Eating Up USA


Agenda 21/Sustainable Development


When America Looks like Detroit

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 4 No. 4


Local Tea Party’s main focus for 2015

McDonnell pledges to resist party bosses

District 6 Special Election Heats UP


Grieving Dad cries for Help!


Town Criers are Blessed

Who’s your Favorite?

Town Criers Conduct their 140th Rally

Surprising Poll Results

Town Crier Committee Vol. 4 No.5    

Dislocation Nation

Common Core is a Nightmare

Tea Party Stopped the Communist Take Over
of the USA in 2010 

Quality of Life Posturing Continues

Is Megyn Kelly
a Fellow Traveler?

Town Crier Committee Vol. 4 No. 6    

ATM Banned M855 Ammo a Year Ago by mistake?

Niger Innis meets Putnam County

Local Tea Party Joins St. Augustine’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade


The American Retro-Renaissance of Stupidity 

Town Criers Awaken the Public Yet Again

St. Augustine Maritime Heritage Foundation’s Chalupa Christened

Operation Jade Helm 15

Mastering the Human Domain

Tea Party Confronted by Law Enforcement on Overpass Rally 
Town Crier Committee Vol. 4 No. 7    
American Christians: AWOL

“Less Lethal”...than what? By Maureen Michelle


Prominent Communist Leaders Hold Conference


Tea Party Movement’s  Base Expanding


Will the Real Hillary Clinton Please Stand Up


On Citizens and Natural Born Citizens By John Knapp

Commissioner Jeb Smith, Sales-tax Issue and the Tea Party

Hillary Decimated by Palin in Today’s Poll


Palin Slams Bush


Deceptive Media

Town Crier Committee Vol. 4 No. 8    

Gangsterism, Tribalism and Communism Equals Obama-ism!


The Faces of Evil are Among Us

The Party’s Over

Masters at Deception


St. Johns County Assaults the First Amendment

America is Looking to the Tea Party

Mayor Shaver Addresses Local Tea Party


Town Crier Committee Vol. 4 No. 9    

Tea Party Stages Media Event


Tea Party Challenges County’s Attack on Free Speech        


Sales Tax will Fail by 3 to 2 Vote according to Commissioner Jeb Smith




The Left Divides


The Tea Party Unites   


Late Hour Vote on Sales Tax Defeats Wanchick Faction


Jerry Cameron addresses SATP on America’s Christian Heritage 

New Trump Bush Poll

Obama is a Communist


This is not Liberty, this is Saul Alinsky


 A “Brave New World” Awaits 
Town Crier Committee Vol. 4 No. 10    
School Board Defies the Public 

Stop the Communist Takeover


SATP Business Meeting Features Raffle Drawing


to Warriors against “Political Correctness”

SATP Holds its Annual Meeting


Trump’s Phenomenal Popularity is no Surprise

Intimidation Rules the Day


Feelings......Whoa, Whoa, Whoa ...Feelings....By John Knapp

Town Crier Committee Vol.4 No.11    

Tea Party’s Efforts Expand Free Speech in County Parks


Who did 24 Million People Tune in to Hear?

Nazis vs. Planned Parenthood

By John Knapp


Tea Party Continues Fight to Preserve Free Speech

Tea Party Goes to Farmer’s Market


Trump Beats Bush and Hillary is not a Factor
in local Florida poll


Trump Wins 3rd Party Poll

Town Crier Committee Vol.4 No.12

Millennium Generation rejects Hillary; Bush ties Trump in Latest Poll


Tea Party Goes To College

Republican Club of Greater St. Augustine Hosts Tea Party Chairman

Trump Holding His Lead Post Debate Poll Shows

Trump! Trump! Trump!


Obama and the Pope: Cut from the Same Communist Cloth


Volume 3

pdf/Town Crier Committee Vol 3 No 02 (1).pdf

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 3 No. 1

Propagandists fail

Media’s attack on the Tea Party is simply a wild fabrication

Of Men, mice, and the Monster-in-Chief

 by John Knapp

Lock and Load!


SATP at World Golf    overpass 


Are the bullies in the White House making wussies out of Americans?


Washington joins forces and attacks the Tea Party

Washington insiders and their media outlets blame the Tea Party for a foolhardy plan


Tim Constantine Returns to SATP

Town Criers center of attention on St. George Street


Tea Party set up?

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 3 No. 2

Is the Tea Party movement proceeding

to topple GOP?


Thrasher meets with Tea Party constituents


Wyllie for Florida Governor: A Ray of Hope?


Obama Lies

“Are you, or have you ever been, A member of the Communist Party”?

His Disgracefulness by John Knapp


Open Letter to: Unified Sportsmen of Florida,

NRA Affiliate and the National Rifle Association

End the Fed


What’s behind the mask?


Push back against the National Park Service’s tyranny…… Revisited


The Messiah is toast

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 3 No. 3    
New Millennial member joins the Town Criers

Nelson Mandela, Communist
 By John Knapp


The Saint Augustine Tea Party holds its third annual Christmas party


I agree!


Tea Party in the crosshairs

Optimism in the air as Obama plummets

 Tea Party’s “Free Speech” targeted again at the 

Castillo de San Marcos

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 3 No. 4    

A Look at Connecticut’s Shleep    

Saint Augustine Tea Party started last year defending the second amendment So, it is this year   


These are the patriots, the real patriots, the true patriots!

Constitutionalists rally at the Capitol Saint Augustine


Tea Party Officers go to Tallahassee

A quiet day in St. Augustine

Town Criers rock Scarlet O’Hara’s

Wake-up GOP! 

Millennium generation choosing Liberty

Throw all the bums out!

Operation American Spring 

Town Criers expand operations

Gallup poll doesn’t stand up

The signs tell the story

Is Pam Bondi complicit in Obamacare promotion?   

Town Criers greet Pam Bondi’s fund raising guests


ACT! For America’s Randy McDaniels, featured speaker

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 3 No. 5    

More ‘Millennia’s’ Showing Anti-Obama-ism on the Street 

NRA playing games with Constitution by  Edna Mattos


The progressive vision for America

It’s “a Management Problem not a budget problem”


It’s not just the old folks anymore

The Tea Party Needs Some Viagra  by John Knapp

“It’s time to wake up, America”

Local Venezuelans relate to Town Crier warnings
Electricity in the air at Tea Party meeting

Everybody’s after Sanchez

Matt Patterson recognized for his service to the Tea Party
Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 3 No. 6    

Children Chanted, “Obama Lies!    Obama Lies!”


St. Augustine Tea Party acquires the Dartmouth


SATP in St Patrick’s Day Parade


Tea Party loved and embraced by “We the People”   


Millennial Generation abandon Obama


Media failure


Climate Change/ Global Warming? HAH!!

       By John Knapp

Liberals are losing their base


Common Core’s Marxist assault on our youth


St. Augustine has Explosion in the Rain!


The truth about minorities


Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 3 No. 7    

Smart Meters are a Dumb Idea


The Face of the Tea Party is Changing


Sparks fly at the St. Johns County REC meeting


Times, they are a’changin


Parallels Past and Present


It’s Official, More & More Millennials are

 joining Tea Party Movement, daily!


Dartmouth moored at St Augustine Flea Market


Massive Contempt for Obama in the Streets of Historic St. Augustine, FL

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 3 No. 8    

Bundy Ranch Bunkerville, Nevada


Is it time to Impeach?


Memorial Day, Veterans 
and the Town Criers

Town Crier Committee Report Vol.3 No.9    

SATP AT Prime Osborn

Derek Hankerson to challenge Sen. Thrasher in

Dr. Roger Bradley to address SATP



Trojan Horse and Useful Idiot

TEA Party Dark Horse

There’s a new Party among us

Town Crier Committee Report Vol.3 No. 10    

What a difference a year makes


Saint Augustine Tea Party holds its annual meeting

A very unique gun shop





Denver Cook has a Message: "Loosen Up!"


It’s Not About Hobby Lobby and Contraception


SATP attends Local Gun Show     

Derek Hankerson State Senate Candidate

Opens Putnam County Headquarters


 The Battle for the Mayor and Commission Seats

The Left’s Divide and
Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 3 N0. 11    

Everybody hates the Tea Party, except the People


Tea Party answers to a higher calling

Tea Party favorite wins GOP Primary ousting
insider candidates
Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 3 No. 12    

The new face of the Tea Party Movement  

God bless America


Congressman DeSantis declines the opportunity to observe public sentiment

Celebrating Surviving 14 Years With ALS         

The 'Progress' of American Progressivism


Volume 2

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 2 No. 1    

"Leftist Media Stunned by Obama’s Poor
Debate Performance"

"The St. Augustine Record’s Douglas Jordan"

"Accompanies the Town Criers……

"We Will Talk or We Will Fight….."


"American Majority Presents its Activist
Training Program to SATP…..

"Molasses Junction Tea Party Hosts a County Commissioner Candidates Debate

"Everyone Knows it...The Town Criers Say it!

"Media Spin…Record’s Editor Spins the News"

"The Town Criers Welcome Joe Biden
to the City

"Left Over Obama Supporters on the Streets
Lack Enthusiasm

"Ken Wood Featured Speaker at SATP"

"Town Criers Major Attraction on St. George Street…."

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 2 No. 2    

"The Election Approaches"

"Strangers in our Land"

"The Day After"

"Town Criers Stand Down"

"Florida Cessation….?"


"SATP’s Legal Case Against its Former
Leadership Closed"

"Louis Rose Returns to the SATP with Information filled Presentation on Roberts Rules of Order…"

"The Republican Executive Committee Meets…"

"Why Obama won and what we need to do!"

"Town Criers at ‘Nights of Lights’…"

"The Resistance Begins"

"Swearing In at the ‘Taj Mahal’…"

"Jamie Foxx Says, ‘Our Lord And Savior Barack Obama!"

"Occupy St. Augustine Organizers Re-emerge"

Town Crier Report Vol. 2 No. 3
Tea Parties and their supporters converge on Tallahassee

The Senate Select Committee on Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
meets the Public

Senate Minority Leader Chris Smith Uses the Race Issue against Constitutional Speakers

Open Letter to the Governor

The Republican Executive Committee Elect Officers

A date which will live in infamy

Communism and its Presence in America
was the Subject

Comes The Hour

Assault on the Second Amendment

The Nature of Crazy

2012 Picture Review of Town Criers

Town Crier Report Vol. 2 No. 4    

Arise in the Name of Liberty……..

Some Things Never Change…


Gun Appreciation Day in St. Augustine Florida

Town Criers Back on the Streets

The Jacksonville Chapter of Oath Keepers holds its First Meeting of the Year….

SATP holds its Second Regular open meeting of the year.

The Saint Augustine Tea Party canceled its committee meeting so members could attend the Republican Liberty Caucus meeting in Jacksonville, Florida......

An open letter to Sen. Marco Rubio

Town Criers Back on St. George Street

Town Crier Vol. 2 No. 5    

This Divine Appointment

To the Elitist Rulers in Washington, Take Note!

The Town Criers Continue to Poll the American Public on the Second Amendment in Historic
St. Augustine, FL

Founding principles
Tea Party Evolves

Second Amendment meets First Amendment……

Obama is at War with America

Sheriff Shoar Addresses 'Gun Control’ at Republican Club

Hankerson Addresses SATP Meeting

Town Criers, “YOU ROCK”
The Town Criers Defy Political Correctness

Sarah, Sarah….Sarah

Day of Resistance

National Press Largely Overlooks the
Day of Resistance

The Topic was The Fed at SATP Meeting
Town Crier Vol. 2 No. 6    

Second Amendment Draws the Public

“Awake the State” demonstrations return to St. Augustine, FL


Washington Beware……


SATP Holds its Regular Business Meeting Second Amendment Supported Only by “Old White Guys”…..  Well, not so Much


The REC Holds its Monthly Meeting


Town Criers in the Rain

Coming to Your Home Town Soon


Saint Augustine Tea Party holds its Regular Open Meeting.


Great Weather and the Joy of Easter attract many to Historic St. Augustine


New News Service added the SATP Website

Town Crier Vol. 2 No. 7    

Scott Returns to Flagler College

Cruds and Thugs

Town Criers On the March

The SATP’s Regularly Scheduled Meeting has a Surprise Ending

No Reverse Gear

The St. Johns Co Republican Executive Committee Meeting takes up School Prayer Issue

Rally the People,

Fourth Anniversary for Tea Party Movement

The First Coast Tea Party Hosts its Fifth Tax Day Rally at the Landing

It’s Raining it’s Pouring

Cells Raining Ball Bearings and Nails

What would history be without turning points?

The Saga of April 19, 1775, Inspires Tea Party Patriots

Is Gun Control Dead After the Worst Amendments Failed? Don't Bet on It.

The Town Criers Continue Their Defense of the 2nd Amendment, in spite of Recent Victories


The Ten Real Purposes of Obamacare

Town Crier Vol. 2 No. 8    

The Culture Shock of May Day

Town Criers announce new Mailing Service

Control or Destroy......Official GOP Policy for the Tea Party in Florida

The Sign of the Times!


William Korach Returns as Featured Speaker at SATP Meeting


Shall We Have A Constitutional Convention?

Is the Tea Party Movement Dead

SATP Joins the National IRS Protest

SATP hosts Chuck and Colleen White at its bimonthly open meeting


Town Crier Vol. 2 No. 9    

 Tea Party right all along…

Tea Party Reporters at De Santis' Town Hall

Too many Scandals to Mention

But, one word fits all…… IMPEACHMENT


Local Law enforcement addresses SATP Meeting

Commander Fricke fills in for City Police Chief

The Real Danger in the ‘Gang of Eight’ Immigration Bill


It’s Flag Day and….

The Town Criers Begin their Third Year on the Streets of St. Augustine, Florida

Love is in the Air…

The Affection for the Tea Party Continues to Expand

Government Corruption, Inc.

Sarah’s Back on Fox

“Audit The IRS Rally” in DC not covered by the Big 3 Media Outlets

Hillary Rodham Clinton calls for Woman President

The Tea Party in Complete Agreement


Rain Dampens Spirits in Historic St. Augustine, Florida Today….

Town Criers schedule a visit to the Galeon

Putnam County Tea Party Organizes an IRS Protest

SATP Welcomes Paul Livingston to its Tuesday Open Meeting

Tea Party Ordered Off Public Sidewalk

Town Crier Vol. 2 No. 10

Federal Agents Violate Saint Augustine Tea Party’s Civil Rights…

Town Criers Report for Duty on The Fourth Of July

Three Shifts cover 12 Hour Period

Tea Party Returns to the ‘Alleged’ Crime Scene

The Saint Augustine Tea Party Conducts its Annual Business Meeting


Isn't It Time?


The Media is all About Zimmerman…

The People are all About Government Corruption

America's Antitheses, in 200 Words. By John Knapp

Tea Party Cleared of Wrong Doing

REC Holds Its Monthly July Meeting

Saul Alinsky Tactics Stream From The White House

Bullies... by Maureen Michelle

The Conversation was about Common Core

The Phony’s Scandals Are Phony?

Town Crier Vol. 2 No. 11    

The Fort Falls without Firing a Shot


It’s Time to resist…..  The Times that Try Men’s Souls is upon Us 

Common Core is the Subject of the REC Meeting


The Final Effrontery!

Something Wicked This Way Comes


A New World Order

National Overpass Demonstrations Set for Today

Impeach Impeach Impeach

Town Criers Present Petition to DeSantis’ Office

A look at Town Crier’s history

Town Criers the Center of Attention


John Birch Society defines free trade at SATP meeting

The groundswell for Impeachment expands

Resolution Impeaching Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States, for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Town Crier Vol. 2 No. 12    

The Supreme Obstacle to Nullification


The Impeachment drums grow louder


SATP meets at the Village Inn, Ken Wood featured speaker


Republican Executive Committee approves resolution opposing Common Core


Mumford & Son’s Fans meet the
Town Criers


GOP votes to defund Obamacare Progressive


Truckers vow to shut down Washington

Has Facebook shut down the truckers?

Karen Schoen held no punches! 


A political reality, we live in a lie


Tea Party plans fouled

Volume 1

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 1 No. 12    
A ‘Family Affair’ in Town Crier….
Forward, Comrades!”

“Parallels of our ‘Dear Leader’…”
“SATP to Host the Tea Party Express in
St Augustine, FL”

“I Belong to the Government?”

Republican, Democrat Conventions…… Over
Disconnect of the People…… never Greater”

RWVA (Revolutionary War Veterans

“WFOY Talk Show Host, Tim Constantine
Featured Speaker at SATP Meeting “

“Town Criers Meet the Tea Party Express”

“The Usurper is Exposed….”

“St. Augustine's new "Mobility Plan”

“SATP Files Law Suit”
“44 Days to the Election and Intensity
Continues to Increase”

“Scary Obituary”

“Randy Covington, all but Declares Victory
in his race for Mosquito Control at
Local REC Meeting”

“Victoria Baer Makes a 2nd Appearance at Molasses Junction”

“The Town Criers Activity Shadowed by Reporters”

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 1 No. 11



“Spontaneous Outpouring to Support
Chick-Fil- A , no Surprise to Town Criers”


“A Soft Rain and a Cloudy Sky

Doesn’t Dampen TCC Spirits”


“It’s About Truth Peter….

Reporter Peter Guinta Lies Yet Again 


Multiple Eye Witnesses ignored”


“Blaine Ingolia Featured Speaker at the
REC Meeting”


“That Sign Offends Me!

Mission Accomplished!”


“Hello Romney-Ryan Campaign!”

“Billie Tucker Featured Speaker at

SATP Regular Meeting”


“Did the ‘Not to Vote List’ that

appeared in our special primary

election edition have any effect?”


“John Stevens Defeats Randy Covington in
close race for Republican State


“2016 Obama’s America is

Now Showing at the EPIC Theatre”


“Town Criers Continue to Expose Obama”


“William Korach will Address SATP

Meeting on August 28, 2012”


“Will Americans Stand Up Against

Obama’s Communist Future?

These Americans Already Have”


“Neil Armstrong Passes”


“The Report Card Presented And, the
News is not Good”


“SATP Members approve

Party Express Rally and a Town Crier
presence at the Cracker Festival at the
Fair Grounds”


“RNC Commits Suicide”


Town Crier Committee Report Special Edition


Extra! Extra! Special Election Edition

We Were There

“Who Not To Vote For”

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 1 No. 10


”Homeland Security Sees Reverence of Individual Liberty as Extreme Right-Wing Terrorism”


Special Interest to Town Criers”


“Oath Keepers Join In with the Town Criers”


“12 Criers Take To The Streets On The Fourth”


“The Fourth Of July Topped Off With Fireworks”


“What Were They Thinking? The Music Played was Inappropriate For The 4th of July Celebration.”


“What The Media Does Not Get….”

“Saint Augustine Tea Party Holds Its’ Annual Election Of Officers At Its’ General Meeting”


“SATP Sends Representatives to Americans for Prosperity Leadership Meeting in Jacksonville”


“SATP Tours Big Voices Media Facility”


“Do You Remember When Marco Rubio Was
The Tea Party Darling?”


“Worry Not; The Senator Is Still The Republican Darling.”


“The Big Red Sign Prevails”

“Is Obama ‘The Manchurian Candidate’? Where Is The Mainstream Press In This?”


“The Coming Insurrection”


“Week After Week the Public Vetting The President! The Media Didn’t.

The Republicans Won’t!”


“Keith Dunn Featured Speaker at Regular
SATP Meeting”


“Americans responded with ….We Agree!”

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 1 No. 9


”Man Demands to see Permits for Town Crier Activities; First Amendment Issue for the Criers”


“Fair Tax and Town Criers join Forces

Paul Livingston with the Fair Tax Organization Meets the Public
on St. George Street.”


“ON WISCONSIN……..Today Wisconsin crossed a major threshold.”


“D Day June 6, 1944 unobserved by the Commander in Chief….”


“America Knows! The Big Red Sign Returns.”


“Marielena Stuart at the Pinellas County REC….Sweeps Straw Poll”



“Debbie Gonzalez holds SATP Audience on
the Edge of their Seats.”


“What are these People Doing?

For the time exercising their First
Amendment Rights.... People taking
Pictures of the Protest and then Joining
the Protest.”


“It’s not often that the Criers capture Applause on video because it is an Impulsive Response…. However, Clapping Happens Regularly!”


“America is Waking up to the Fact that Power is in their Hands!”


“Fair Tax Returns for Second Tour with
the Town Criers”


“Bear Witness Returns”


“The Truth be known, The Truth is known…”


“Two New Town Criers….”


“Despite Tropical Storm Debbie’s Rain, Victoria Baer Addresses a nearly Full House at the SAT Regular Meeting;
Exposes SATP Members to the Dangers
of the UN’s Agenda 21”


“Is it Republican Tea Parties or Tea Party Republicans, Tea Party Democrats, Tea Party Libertarians, and Tea Party Independents?”


“Is your group a Republican Tea Party? Does it matter?”


“Town Criers Finish the Month with Three new First Time Criers and New Signs…..”



Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 1 No. 8


“Who Celebrates May Day? Communists, Socialists and Occupy Wall Street Activists. There were no Occupier activities in St. Augustine this May Day.”


“Obama’s new campaign slogan: Forward.”


“Town Criers Team up With Bear Witness on
St. George Street”


“Nearby Neighbors greeted by the

Town Criers”


“The Faces of the Tea Party



“Remote WFOY Broadcast attracts
County Commissioners”


“The Public lines up to photograph the Town
Criers, then the Criers photograph them!”


“The Tea Party Movement is Alive……in the People.


“Bear Witness Returns”


“Mystery Woman captured on camera”


“Town Crier Committee’s One

Year Anniversary on the

Streets of St. Augustine, FL”


“Marielena Stuart packs the

SATP Membership Meeting”



“Town Crier Committee’s Anniversary observed with a brief History of its first

year at the General Meeting”


“Open Letter to US House of Representatives by KrisAnne Hall”


“Town Criers out on Memorial

Day weekend”


“The People Speak Truth ………The Media Lies”


“The 40 Year Forgotten War”



Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 1 No. 7


“SATP Committee members meet at Village Inn”


“Tea Party Members: Are you a Sheep in Wolf’s clothing? The GOP hopes so”


“Easter Weekend for the Town Criers”


“SATP General Meeting is all about the Rally”


“SATP has sign party”


“SATP Returns to WFOY

This time for Air Time with Tim Constantine”


“Rally Promotion on US 1”


“REC holds their monthly meeting”


“Back to promoting the Rally”


“SATP’s Tax Rally Day Great Speakers, Great Support Organizations Well planned
and executed event but no people”


“First Coast Tea Party Honoring the
Military rally on tax day”




“April 19, 1775 Celebrated at

Molasses Junction Tea Party Meeting”


“SATP Visits Oath Keeper meeting in Jax”


“The Town Criers not scheduled

for duty today”


“Is the Tea Party Dead?”


“H.M.S. Bounty in port this weekend attracts numerous visitors…

Town Criers well received by the crowd”


“Public opinion: “Mickey Mouse could beat Obama. Since Mickey isn’t available, Mitt will have to do”



“Rallies are for politicians……. The Movement is in the streets!”



Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 1 No. 6


“Andrew Breitbart Gone, Legacy Lives On!”


“Organized opposition on St. George Street; First time planned protest against the
town criers”


“SATP Meets with Local Branch Manager of
Wells Fargo Bank”


“REC Welcomes The Tea Parties to their Meetings”


“Saint Patrick’s Day Parade”


“The Town Criers at the Celtic Festival”


“The Town Criers return to St George Street for their weekly duties of providing Consitutions to the visitors of St Augustine”


“Randy Brunson speaks to SATP”


“St. Paddy’s Day for the Town Criers”


“SATP Committee Meeting”




“SATP obtains permits for Rally

at the Fort”


“SATP Joins Protest against Obama’s attack
on the First Amendment”


“Interesting Day today for the Town Criers”


“SATP Members approve a Tax Day Rally
at the Fort at its General Meeting”


“Rain, rain go away!”

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 1 No. 5


“Republican primary voters lack enthusiasm”


“The SATP joins Putnam County Tea Party in their protest of NDAA”


“The Putnam County people really know
how to do signs”


“First time with the Town Criers”


“SATP greets REC members at its

monthly meeting”


“The Tea Party relationship to the REC has become confusing”


“We Surround Them, We the People are fools”


“They love our Tea Party”


“Eric West resigns as Chairman of The St. Johns County Tea Party Inc.”


“Town Criers meet Carrie Johnson”


“NDAA Sections 1021 and 1022”



Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 1 No. 4


“National Defense Authorization Act Signed into law. R.I.P. Bill of Rights 1789 – 2011. Town Crier Committee sounds the alarm!”


“Town Criers Present Congressman Mica’s St Augustine Office a Petition”


“The New Year Begins on St George Street”


“People are getting it…The Democrats and the Republicans in Washington don’t”

“Town Criers Meet with Sheriff Shoar Duval County Sheriff Rutherford warns of coming civil unrest”


“Mike Austell Featured Speaker at
SATP Meeting”


“March for Life attracts a crowd and the Town Criers”


“The Left divides, the Tea Party unites”



“Latest talking points from the Marxists”


“SATP Officers meet with REC Leadership”


“These young ladies didn’t need Constitutions”


“Occupiers…… not again”


“National Protest against the NDAA

on February 3, 2012; Putnam County Tea Party and the SATP Join Protest”



Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 1 No. 3

“The St Augustine December 3, 2011 Christmas Parade”


“December 7, 1941, External Danger

December 7, 2011, Internal Danger”




“Town Crier Committee attends the Occupier’s
City Hall event”


“Occupier’s New Spin Attempt”


“Annual Christmas Party”





Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 1 No. 2



Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 1 No. 1





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