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The Town Criers

The Town Crier Committee can be found in the streets of Saint Augustine every weekend. St Augustine is the "Nation's Oldest City" and the old town atmosphere is a perfect setting for period clothing and Gadsden Flags. Their assigned duties consist of passing out US Constitutions to the "Town Folk" and tourists alike. Since most of the public is from out of town, The Saint Augustine Tea Party has a unique opportunity to promote the "Tea Party Movement" on a National level. At the sight of the Criers, many of the visitors want to identify with the Tea party signs and our bright yellow flags. The Town Criers accommodate them by posing with them for photographs. It is estimated that 500 to 1000 photos are made each weekend. Considering the Internet exposure, we believe our small committee is helping the cause far beyond our numbers. Come Join Us. Criers are blessed to see the awakening of America.

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