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Town Crier Committee Report - Volume Three

OCT 2013 - SEPT 2014

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Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 3 No. 1

Propagandists fail; Media’s attack on the Tea Party is simply a wild fabrication Of Men, mice, and the Monster-in-Chief by John Knapp; Lock and Load!; SATP at World Golf overpass; Are the bullies in the White House making wussies out of Americans?; Washington joins forces and attacks the Tea Party; Washington insiders and their media outlets blame the Tea Party for a foolhardy plan; Tim Constantine Returns to SATP; Town Criers center of attention on St. George Street; Tea Party set up?

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 3 No. 2

Is the Tea Party movement proceeding to topple GOP?; Thrasher meets with Tea Party constituents; Wyllie for Florida Governor: A Ray of Hope?; Obama Lies; “Are you, or have you ever been, A member of the Communist Party”?; His Disgracefulness by John Knapp; Open Letter to: Unified Sportsmen of Florida, NRA Affiliate and the National Rifle Association; End the Fed; What’s behind the mask?; Push back against the National Park Service’s tyranny…… Revisited; The Messiah is toast

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 3 No. 3

New Millennial member joins the Town Criers ; Nelson Mandela, Communist By John Knapp; The Saint Augustine Tea Party holds its third annual Christmas party; I agree!; Tea Party in the crosshairs; Optimism in the air as Obama plummets; Tea Party’s “Free Speech” targeted again at the  Castillo de San Marcos.

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 3 No. 4

A Look at Connecticut’s Shleep; Saint Augustine Tea Party started last year defending the second amendment So, it is this year; These are the patriots, the real patriots, the true patriots!; Constitutionalists rally at the Capitol; Saint Augustine Tea Party Officers go to Tallahassee; A quiet day in St. Augustine; Town Criers rock Scarlet O’Hara’s; Wake-up GOP!; Millennium generation choosing Liberty; Throw all the bums out!; Operation American Spring; Town Criers expand operations; Gallup poll doesn’t stand up; The signs tell the story Is Pam Bondi complicit in Obamacare promotion?; Town Criers greet Pam Bondi’s fund raising guests ACT!; For America’s Randy McDaniels, featured speaker.

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 3 No. 5

More ‘Millennia’s’ Showing Anti-Obama-ism on the Street ; NRA playing games with Constitution by Edna Mattos;

The progressive vision for America; It’s “a Management Problem not a budget problem”; It’s not just the old folks anymore; The Tea Party Needs Some Viagra by John Knapp; “It’s time to wake up, America”; Local Venezuelans relate to Town Crier warnings Electricity in the air at Tea Party meeting; Everybody’s after Sanchez; Matt Patterson recognized for his service to the Tea Party.

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 3 No. 6

Children Chanted, “Obama Lies! Obama Lies!”; St. Augustine Tea Party acquires the Dartmouth; SATP in St Patrick’s Day Parade; Tea Party loved and embraced by “We the People” ; Millennial Generation abandon Obama

Media failure; Climate Change/ Global Warming? HAH!! By John Knapp; Liberals are losing their base; Common Core’s Marxist assault on our youth; St. Augustine has Explosion in the Rain!; The truth about minorities.

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 3 No. 7

Smart Meters are a Dumb Idea; The Face of the Tea Party is Changing; Sparks fly at the St. Johns County REC meeting; Times, they are a’changin; Parallels Past and Present; It’s Official, More & More Millennials are joining Tea Party Movement, daily!; Dartmouth moored at St Augustine Flea Market; Massive Contempt for Obama in the Streets of Historic St. Augustine, FL.

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 3 No. 8

Bundy Ranch Bunkerville, Nevada; Is it time to Impeach?; Memorial Day, Veterans and the Town Criers.

Town Crier Committee Report Vol.3 No.9

SATP AT Prime Osborn; Derek Hankerson to challenge Sen. Thrasher in Dr. Roger Bradley to address SATP

Primary; Trojan Horse and Useful Idiot; TEA Party Dark Horse; There’s a new Party among us

Town Crier Committee Report Vol.3 No. 10

What a difference a year makes; Saint Augustine Tea Party holds its annual meeting; A very unique gun shop; ALL HANDS ON DECK; Denver Cook has a Message: "Loosen Up!"; It’s Not About Hobby Lobby and Contraception

SATP attends Local Gun Show; Derek Hankerson State Senate Candidate Opens Putnam County Headquarters; The Battle for the Mayor and Commission Seats;The Left’s Divide and Conquer policy Failing.


Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 3 N0. 11

Everybody hates the Tea Party, except the People; Tea Party answers to a higher calling; Tea Party favorite wins GOP Primary ousting insider candidates.

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 3 No. 12

The new face of the Tea Party Movement; God bless America; Congressman DeSantis declines the opportunity to observe public sentiment; Celebrating Surviving 14 Years With ALS; The Progress' of American Progressivism