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Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 7 No.1

TCCR Starts its 7th Year; I Called the NFL.....Some Thoughts; Las Vegas Shooter and Deep State Connection; Tea Party Continues Its Mission; More Holes than a Rusted Out Bucket; People’s Agenda; Ignored by GOP; Monument Safe for Now; Tea Party Engages Vise Mayor at its Open Meeting.

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 7 No.2

What’s Being Taught at Flagler College; Who’s a Republican Anyway; Veteran’s Day Town Criers Back on the Street; Sex, Lies, and Hypocrisy; Saving Confederate Monuments; St. George Street Poll Should Confederate Monuments be Retained?; Christmas Festivities meet the Hate Mongers; Lock Her Up.

Town Crier Committee Report - Volume Seven

OCT 2017- Present

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