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Town Crier Committee Report - Volume Two

OCT 2012 - SEPT 2013

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Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 2 No. 1  

"Leftist Media Stunned by Obama’s Poor; Debate Performance" ; "The St. Augustine Record’s Douglas Jordan"; "Accompanies the Town Criers……" ; "We Will Talk or We Will Fight….."; "American Majority Presents its Activist Training Program to SATP….."; "Molasses Junction Tea Party Hosts a County Commissioner Candidates Debate"; "Everyone Knows it...The Town Criers Say it!"; "Media Spin…Record’s Editor Spins the News"; "The Town Criers Welcome Joe Biden to the City"; "Left Over Obama Supporters on the Streets Lack Enthusiasm"; "Ken Wood Featured Speaker at SATP"; "Town Criers Major Attraction on St. George Street…."

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 2 No. 2

"The Election Approaches"; "Strangers in our Land"; "The Day After"; "Town Criers Stand Down"; "Florida Cessation….?"; "SATP’s Legal Case Against its Former Leadership Closed"; "Louis Rose Returns to the SATP with Information filled Presentation on Roberts Rules of Order…"; "The Republican Executive Committee Meets…"; "Why Obama won and what we need to do!"; "Town Criers at ‘Nights of Lights’…"; "The Resistance Begins"; "Swearing In at the ‘Taj Mahal’…"; "Jamie Foxx Says, ‘Our Lord And Savior Barack Obama!" ; "Occupy St. Augustine Organizers Re-emerge"

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 2 No. 3  

Tea Parties and their supporters converge on Tallahassee; The Senate Select Committee on Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act meets the Public; Senate Minority Leader Chris Smith Uses the Race Issue against Constitutional Speakers; Open Letter to the Governor; The Republican Executive Committee Elect Officers; A date which will live in infamy; Communism and its Presence in America was the Subject; Comes The Hour; Assault on the Second Amendment; The Nature of Crazy 2012; Picture Review of Town Criers Soon

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 2 No. 4  
Arise in the Name of Liberty……..; Some Things Never Change…; Gun Appreciation Day in St. Augustine Florida; Town Criers Back on the Streets; The Jacksonville Chapter of Oath Keepers holds its First Meeting of the Year….; SATP holds its Second Regular open meeting of the year; The Saint Augustine Tea Party canceled its committee meeting so members could attend the Republican Liberty Caucus meeting in Jacksonville, Florida......; An open letter to Sen. Marco Rubio; Town Criers Back on St. George Street.

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 2  No. 5

This Divine Appointment; To the Elitist Rulers in Washington, Take Note!; The Town Criers Continue to Poll the American Public on the Second Amendment in Historic  St. Augustine, FL ;  Founding principles; Tea Party Evolves; Second Amendment meets First Amendment……; Obama is at War with America; Sheriff Shoar Addresses 'Gun Control’ at Republican Club; Hankerson Addresses SATP Meeting; Town Criers, “YOU ROCK” The Town Criers Defy Political Correctness; Jackals; Sarah, Sarah….Sarah; Day of Resistance; National Press Largely Overlooks the Day of Resistance; The Topic was The Fed at SATP Meeting.

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 2  No. 6

Second Amendment Draws the Public; “Awake the State” demonstrations return to St. Augustine, FL; Washington Beware……; SATP Holds its Regular Business Meeting; Second Amendment Supported Only by “Old White Guys”….. Well, not so Much; The REC Holds its Monthly Meeting Town Criers in the Rain; Coming to Your Home Town Soon; Saint Augustine Tea Party holds its Regular Open Meeting; Great Weather and the Joy of Easter attract many to Historic St. Augustine; New News Service added the SATP Website.

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 2  No. 7

Scott Returns to Flagler College; Cruds and Thugs; Town Criers On the March; The SATP’s Regularly Scheduled Meeting has a Surprise Ending; No Reverse Gear; The St. Johns Co Republican Executive Committee Meeting takes up School Prayer Issue; Rally the People, ; Fourth Anniversary for Tea Party Movement; The First Coast Tea Party Hosts its Fifth Tax Day Rally at the Landing; It’s Raining it’s Pouring; Cells Raining Ball Bearings and Nails; What would history be without turning points?; The Saga of April 19, 1775, Inspires Tea Party Patriots; Is Gun Control Dead After the Worst Amendments Failed? Don't Bet on It; The Town Criers Continue Their Defense of the 2nd Amendment, in spite of Recent Victories; The Ten Real Purposes of Obamacare.

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 2 No. 8

The Culture Shock of May Day; Town Criers announce new Mailing Service; Control or Destroy......Official GOP Policy for the Tea Party in Florida; The Sign of the Times!; William Korach Returns as Featured Speaker at SATP Meeting Shall We Have A Constitutional Convention?; Is the Tea Party Movement Dead; SATP Joins the National IRS Protest SATP hosts Chuck and Colleen White at its bimonthly open meeting.

Town Crier Committee Report Vol.2 No. 9

Tea Party right all along…; Tea Party Reporters at De Santis' Town Hall; Too many Scandals to Mention; But, one word fits all…… IMPEACHMENT; Local Law enforcement addresses SATP Meeting; Commander Fricke fills in for City Police Chief; The Real Danger in the ‘Gang of Eight’ Immigration Bill; It’s Flag Day and….; The Town Criers Begin their Third Year on the Streets of St. Augustine, Florida; Love is in the Air…; The Affection for the Tea Party Continues to Expand Government Corruption, Inc.; Sarah’s Back on Fox; “Audit The IRS Rally” in DC not covered by the Big 3 Media Outlets; Hillary Rodham Clinton calls for Woman President; The Tea Party in Complete Agreement; Rain Dampens Spirits in Historic St. Augustine, Florida Today…; Town Criers schedule a visit to the Galeon Putnam County Tea Party Organizes an IRS Protest; SATP Welcomes Paul Livingston to its Tuesday Open Meeting Tea Party Ordered Off Public Sidewalk.

Town Crier Committee Report Vol.2 No. 10

Federal Agents Violate Saint Augustine Tea Party’s Civil Rights…; Town Criers Report for Duty on The Fourth Of July Three Shifts cover 12 Hour Period; Tea Party Returns to the ‘Alleged’ Crime Scene; The Saint Augustine Tea Party Conducts its Annual Business Meeting; Isn't It Time?; The Media is all About Zimmerman…; The People are all About Government Corruption; America's Antitheses, in 200 Words. By John Knapp; Tea Party Cleared of Wrong Doing REC Holds Its Monthly July Meeting; Saul Alinsky Tactics Stream From The White House; Bullies... by Maureen Michelle; The Conversation was about Common Core; The Phony’s Scandals Are Phony?

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. No. 11

The Fort Falls without Firing a Shot; It’s Time to resist….. The Times that Try Men’s Souls is upon Us; Common Core is the Subject of the REC Meeting; The Final Effrontery!; Something Wicked This Way Comes; A New World Order; National Overpass Demonstrations Set for Today; Impeach Impeach Impeach; Town Criers Present Petition to DeSantis’ Office; A look at Town Crier’s history; Town Criers the Center of Attention; John Birch Society defines free trade at SATP meeting; The groundswell for Impeachment expands; esolution Impeaching Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States, for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Town Crier Committee Report Vol.2 No.12

The Supreme Obstacle to Nullification; The Impeachment drums grow louder; SATP meets at the Village Inn, Ken Wood featured speaker; Republican Executive Committee approves resolution opposing Common Core; Mumford & Son’s Fans meet the Town Criers; GOP votes to defund Obamacare Progressive; Truckers vow to shut down Washington; Has Facebook shut down the truckers?; Karen Schoen held no punches!; A political reality, we live in a lie; Tea Party plans fouled.