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Town Crier Committee Report - Volume Six

OCT 2016 - Present

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Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 6 No.1

In the Beginning and Now; Poll after Trump’s so called Poor Debate; Something Smells at City Hall; Commence The October Surprises; A Letter from a Legal Immigrant; Latest St. George Street Poll Results Pre Debate; Media, Media, Lies, Lies, Lies; Latest St. George Street Poll Post Debate; Bundy Trial Going to the Jury; Look Out Hillary; Tea Party Candidate Forum Well Attended; The People’s Challengers Resist; The Incumbent’s Sign Ordinance; Friends from Across the Nation; Hillary Gains as FBI Investigation Solidifies Her Base.

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 6 No. 2

By their Words, you will Know Them; Town Criers Trump Bill Clinton; Comey Clears Clinton.....Again? A Sunday Night Massacre; Final 2016 Trump Hillary Poll; Town Criers to Stand Down; Election Day at St. Augustine Beach; Trump Wins Hope Springs Forth … And Communists Attack; Public Contempt for City Commissioners Erupts; Is America a Republic or a Democracy?

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 6 No. 3

Tea Party Meets the Christmas Joy; America’s Domestic Enemies; Paranoia at City Hall; Keeping Up With Lib Losses of Late; Tea Party Holds its Annual Christmas Party.

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 6 No. 4

The Real America Spoke; Fake News Revealed; Obama’s Farewell…. And Good Riddance; Good Bye, Obama; The Peaceful Transfer of Power; Liberals Get Religion?

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 6 No. 5

The St. Augustine Record Fails at Journalism… Tries Community Organizing; Tea Party Brand Unblemished; New St. George Street Poll Humans vs. Not-So-Humans; Putnam County Tea Party Disbands; Putnam County Tea Party History Revisited; Fox News’ Fair and Balanced Examined

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 6 No. 6

Fake Tea Party Meets the Real Tea Party; Communist Left Demonstrate in Historic St. Augustine; Has Trump’s Victory Been Reversed?;

Let the Sun Shine in the Florida House; Who Elected Trump?

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 6 No. 7

Tea Party Joins St Augustine Beach; Citizen’s Fight For Free Speech; A Tale of Two Tax Days Rallies; Federal Occupation; GOP Won’t Repeal Obamacare.

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 6 No. 8

May Day in America; Indivisibles Demonstration…. Alas, no Public; Indivisibles on Wrong Path; Is there a Crack in the Wall of Indivisible Resistance?; When is Enough, Enough?; Florida Education will remain in the toilet as long as Tallahassee is Driving; Mayor Shaver Addresses Tea Party; Memorial Day 2017.