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Town Crier Committee Report - Volume Five

OCT 2015 - SEPT 2016

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Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 5 No.1   

Town Crier Committee Report Starts its Fifth Year; Commissioner Jimmy Johns holds Town Hall Meet and Greet; Republican Party of Florida promotes its “Sunshine Summit”;  Tea Party Calls for Outside Legal Council; School Board’s Sales Tax Deception Revealed; Public Celebrates Tea Party Presence: 155th Appearance of the Town Criers;  Assistant County Administrator Addresses Tea Party; Tea Party Challenges Sales Tax Increase; Trump Comes to Jacksonville, Florida; Rose Bailey featured speaker at Tea Party Meeting.


Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 5 No. 2  

Commissioner Bennett Holds Town Hall Meeting; Communist Infiltration Nearly Complete; Patrick Henry delivers his “Call to Arms” to Local Tea Party; Welcome to Florida, Mr. Bush; Is Trump for Real?; SATP Salutes the St. Augustine Police Dept. for their Service Attorney Malcolm Anthony Featured SATP Speaker; Think Before you Donate!


Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 5 No. 3

Don’t Rain on Our Parade; Enemies Foreign and Domestic; St Augustine Tea Party Holds its 6th Annual Christmas Party; Obama's Ill-Begotten 'Legacy'; Speaker Paul ‘Ryno’ sports a Jihadist Beard; Latest St George Street Poll Results; Betrayal


Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 5 No. 4   

The Year of Decision Begins; Obama's Chickens Have Come Home to Roost; Standing Tall in the West; 1st Black President gives Hillary a Black Eye; Hillary Who?; Common Core Resistance; Goes to Tallahassee; Official Spokesman for GOP in Florida shows

Us Party’s True Colors; The SATP Town Crier’s Experience Explosive;  Washington’s Betrayal; Government Health Care Unintended Consequences; Anchor- Baby, Rubio beats Canadian Born Cruz; Americans Preparing to Resist Gun Control


Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 5 No. 5   

Latest St. George Street Poll: Post Iowa ; Pre New Hampshire Presidential Results; Town Criers Make Their 160th Appearance; Cubans Responding to Communism;  Debra Maynard Addresses a Full House at SATP’s Open Meeting; SATP Chairman Questions “Hands Up Don’t Shoot Issue” in Oregon; Open Letter to Pam Bondi; The Truth about Media; The People’s Choice; St. George Street Poll Results.

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 5 No. 6   

The Party is Over; “He’s a Con Artist” ; Generations Connect in the Tea Party; “The Wearing of the Green” Let’s all Blame Trump; Parallels of our ‘Dear Leader’; GOP “Dirty Tricks” in Full Bloom.

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 5 No. 7   

Will America rise from the dead?; Major Renovation Starts on Dartmouth; Open House at Camp Liberty; It’s Universal…Indict

Tea Party Divided; The Process is Shoplifting Delegates IT'S THE COUNTRY, NOT THE PARTY!; “It’s Great to be Loved”; New St. George Street Poll; New GOP Contender Poll.

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 5 No. 8

The People will Trump the Party; A  Primary Revelation; A Case of Marxist Racism; The Never 'Never-Trump' remedy for a closed mind; 545 vs. 300 Million People; The Progressive Lies Revealed

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 5 No. 9

Hey Town Criers; What’s it all About?; If They Come for the Guns… It is War; Obama's Rules of Engagement = National Suicide; We Are at War with the Communists Among US; Rumors Heat up the Race for Sheriff.

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 5 No. 10

The BREXIT Lesson For America; Dartmouth Arrives at Historic St. Augustine for the Independence Day Celebration; The Establishment… Defined; St Augustine Tea Party Holds its Annual Meeting; What Goes Around, Finally Comes Around; Deception is Killing America; Terror Mixed With Treason; Poll taken After RNC Convention in Cleveland.

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 5 No. 11

Is Florida Up for Grabs?; Left Wing Bias at St. Augustine Beach; DNC’s Real Face Revealed; The Media Blitz; Glenn Beck has a Virus… An Open Letter to Glenn Beck; No One is Listening to Establishment Media; Tyranny at the Beach.

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 5 No. 12

HUD, Diversity and the Loss of Liberty; Time is Running Out; Trump Wins Again!; Five Flags Flying; Remembering 911 Attack; City Plays Politics with the First Amendment; Tale of Two Signs; The Back of the Never Trump Movement Broken; “The Enemies Within”; New Pre-Debate Poll; Trevor Loudon in St Augustine; Five Years and Counting.