Town Crier Committee Report - Volume One

OCT 2011 - SEPT 2012

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Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 1 No. 1

Town Crier Committee Report covers 3 months and includes:GOP Tea Party Breakup; Town Criers Greeting Gov Scott at Flagler College; Town Criers in Historic District; Tea Party protesting County Tax increases; Protesting Local REC meeting as  they continue attacks on Tea Party; Tea Party protesting Eric West's Radio Show at WFOY; Town Criers at Greek Festiva; Town Criers at Cracker Festival; Town Criers at Flea Market.

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 1 No. 2

There is a revolution going on. Come join the counter revolution; Stand up for Individual Liberty; The scene changes to the City of St Augustine Beach Commissioners Meeting; The Occupy St. Augustine group stages their first event on November 5th, 2011; The Town Crier Committee Offers the only Challenge to the Occupiers; Confrontation!; Town Criers Complete their Saturday Rounds the following week; The Nights of Lights; Black Friday.


Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 1 No. 3  

“The St Augustine December 3, 2011 Christmas Parade”; “December 7, 1941, External Danger December 7, 2011, Internal Danger”;  “Town Crier Committee attends the Occupier’s City Hall event” ; “Occupier’s New Spin Attempt”; “Annual Christmas Party”

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 1 No. 4    

“National Defense Authorization Act Signed into law. R.I.P. Bill of Rights 1789 – 2011. Town Crier Committee sounds the alarm!”; “Town Criers Present Congressman Mica’s St Augustine Office a Petition”; “The New Year Begins on St George Street”; “People are getting it…The Democrats and the Republicans in Washington don’t”  “Town Criers Meet with Sheriff Shoar Duval County Sheriff Rutherford warns of coming civil unrest”; “Mike Austell Featured Speaker at SATP Meeting”; “March for Life attracts a crowd and the Town Criers”; “The Left divides, the Tea Party unites” “Latest talking points from the Marxists”; “SATP Officers meet with REC Leadership”; “These young ladies didn’t need Constitutions”; “Occupiers…… not again”; “National Protest against the NDAA on February 3, 2012; Putnam County Tea Party and the SATP Join Protest”

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 1 No. 5

“Republican primary voters lack enthusiasm”; “The SATP joins Putnam County Tea Party in their protest of NDAA”; “The Putnam County people really know how to do signs”; “First time with the Town Criers” “SATP greets REC members at its monthly meeting”; “The Tea Party relationship to the REC has become confusing”; “We Surround Them, We the People are fools”; “They love our Tea Party” “Eric West resigns as Chairman of The St. Johns County Tea Party Inc.”; “Town Criers meet Carrie Johnson”; “NDAA Sections 1021 and 1022”

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 1 No. 6  

“Andrew Breitbart Gone, Legacy Lives On!”; “Organized opposition on St. George Street; First time planned protest against the town criers”; “SATP Meets with Local Branch Manager of Wells Fargo Bank”; “REC Welcomes The Tea Parties to their Meetings”; “Saint Patrick’s Day Parade” “The Town Criers at the Celtic Festival”; “The Town Criers return to St George Street for their weekly duties of providing Consitutions to the visitors of St Augustine”; “Randy Brunson speaks to SATP”; “St. Paddy’s Day for the Town Criers”; “SATP Committee Meeting” “SATP obtains permits for Rally at the Fort”; “SATP Joins Protest against Obama’s attack on the First Amendment”; “Interesting Day today for the Town Criers”; “SATP Members approve a Tax Day Rally at the Fort at its General Meeting”; “Rain, rain go away!”

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 1 No. 7    

“SATP Committee members meet at Village Inn”; “Tea Party Members: Are you a Sheep in Wolf’s clothing? The GOP hopes so”; “Easter Weekend for the Town Criers”; “SATP General Meeting is all about the Rally”; “SATP has sign party”; “SATP Returns to WFOY This time for Air Time with Tim Constantine”; “Rally Promotion on US 1” “REC holds their monthly meeting”; “Back to promoting the Rally”; “SATP’s Tax Rally Day Great Speakers, Great Support Organizations Well planned and executed event but no people”; “First Coast Tea Party Honoring the Military rally on tax day”; “Apathy”; “April 19, 1775 Celebrated at Molasses Junction Tea Party Meeting”; “SATP Visits Oath Keeper meeting in Jax”;  “The Town Criers not scheduled for duty today”; “Is the Tea Party Dead?”; “H.M.S. Bounty in port this weekend attracts numerous visitors…Town Criers well received by the crowd”; “Public opinion: “Mickey Mouse could beat Obama. Since Mickey isn’t available, Mitt will have to do”; “Rallies are for politicians……. The Movement is in the streets!”

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 1 No. 8    

“Who Celebrates May Day? Communists, Socialists and Occupy Wall Street Activists. There were no Occupier activities in St. Augustine this May Day.”; “Obama’s new campaign slogan: Forward.”; “Town Criers Team up With Bear Witness on St. George Street”; “Nearby Neighbors greeted by the Town Criers”; “The Faces of the Tea Party AND….THEY VOTE!”; “Remote WFOY Broadcast attracts County Commissioners” “The Public lines up to photograph the Town Criers, then the Criers photograph them!”; “The Tea Party Movement is Alive……in the People.”;  “Bear Witness Returns”; “Mystery Woman captured on camera”; “Town Crier Committee’s One Year Anniversary on the Streets of St. Augustine, FL”; “Marielena Stuart packs the SATP Membership Meeting” “Town Crier Committee’s Anniversary observed with a brief History of its first year at the General Meeting”; “Open Letter to US House of Representatives by KrisAnne Hall”; “Town Criers out on Memorial Day weekend”; “The People Speak Truth ………The Media Lies”; “The 40 Year Forgotten War”

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 1 No. 9  

”Man Demands to see Permits for Town Crier Activities; First Amendment Issue for the Criers”; “Fair Tax and Town Criers join Forces Paul Livingston with the Fair Tax Organization Meets the Public on St. George Street.”; “ON WISCONSIN……..Today Wisconsin crossed a major threshold.”; “D Day June 6, 1944 unobserved by the Commander in Chief….”; “America Knows! The Big Red Sign Returns.”: “Marielena Stuart at the Pinellas County REC….Sweeps Straw Poll” “Debbie Gonzalez holds SATP Audience on the Edge of their Seats.”; “What are these People Doing? For the time exercising their First Amendment Rights.... People taking Pictures of the Protest and then Joining the Protest.”; It’s not often that the Criers capture Applause on video because it is an Impulsive Response…. However, Clapping Happens Regularly!”; “America is Waking up to the Fact that Power is in their Hands!”; “Fair Tax Returns for Second Tour with the Town Criers”; “Bear Witness Returns” “The Truth be known, The Truth is known…”; “Two New Town Criers….”; “Despite Tropical Storm Debbie’s Rain, Victoria Baer Addresses a nearly Full House at the SAT Regular Meeting; Exposes SATP Members to the Dangers of the UN’s Agenda 21”; “Is it Republican Tea Parties or Tea Party Republicans, Tea Party Democrats, Tea Party Libertarians, and Tea Party Independents?”; “Is your group a Republican Tea Party? Does it matter?”; “Town Criers Finish the Month with Three new First Time Criers and New Signs…..”  


Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 1 No. 10

Homeland Security Sees Reverence of Individual Liberty as Extreme Right-Wing Terrorism”; “Special Interest to Town Criers”; “Oath Keepers Join In with the Town Criers”; “12 Criers Take To The Streets On The Fourth”; “The Fourth Of July Topped Off With Fireworks”; “What Were They Thinking? The Music Played was Inappropriate For The 4th of July Celebration.”; “What The Media Does Not Get….”;  “Saint Augustine Tea Party Holds Its’ Annual Election Of Officers At Its’ General Meeting”; “SATP Sends Representatives to Americans for Prosperity Leadership Meeting in Jacksonville”; “SATP Tours Big Voices Media Facility”; “Do You Remember When Marco Rubio Was The Tea Party Darling?”; “Worry Not; The Senator Is Still The Republican Darling.”;  “The Big Red Sign Prevails”;  “Is Obama ‘The Manchurian Candidate’? Where Is The Mainstream Press In This?”; “The Coming Insurrection”; “Week After Week the Public Vetting The President! The Media Didn’t,The Republicans Won’t!”; “Keith Dunn Featured Speaker at Regular SATP Meeting”; “Americans responded with ….We Agree!”

Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 1 No. 11    

Spontaneous Outpouring to Support ; Chick-Fil- A , no Surprise to Town Criers”; “A Soft Rain and a Cloudy Sky Doesn’t Dampen TCC Spirits”; “It’s About Truth Peter….; Reporter Peter Guinta Lies Yet Again Multiple Eye Witnesses ignored”; “Blaine Ingolia Featured Speaker at the REC Meeting”; “That Sign Offends Me! Mission Accomplished!”; “Hello Romney-Ryan Campaign!”;  “Billie Tucker Featured Speaker at SATP Regular Meeting”; “Did the ‘Not to Vote List’ that appeared in our special primary election edition have any effect?”; “John Stevens Defeats Randy Covington in close race for Republican State Committeeman”; “2016 Obama’s America is Now Showing at the EPIC Theatre”; “Town Criers Continue to Expose Obama”;  “William Korach will Address SATP Meeting on August 28, 2012”; “Will Americans Stand Up Against Obama’s Communist Future?; These Americans Already Have”; “Neil Armstrong Passes”; “The Report Card Presented And, the News is not Good”; “SATP Members approve Tea Party Express Rally and a Town Crier presence at the Cracker Festival at the Fair Grounds”; “RNC Commits Suicide”

Town Crier Committee Report Special Edition   

Extra! Extra! Special Election Edition; We Were There ; “Who Not To Vote For”

 Town Crier Committee Report Vol. 1 No. 12

“A ‘Family Affair’ in Town Crier…. ; Forward, Comrades!”; “Parallels of our ‘Dear Leader’…”; “SATP to Host the Tea Party Express in St Augustine, FL”; “I Belong to the Government?”; Republican, Democrat Conventions…… Over Disconnect of the People…… never Greater” ;  RWVA (Revolutionary War Veterans Association)”; “WFOY Talk Show Host, Tim Constantine Featured Speaker at SATP Meeting “; “Town Criers Meet the Tea Party Express”; “The Usurper is Exposed….”; “St. Augustine's new "Mobility Plan”; “SATP Files Law Suit” “44 Days to the Election and Intensity Continues to Increase” ; “Scary Obituary”; “Randy Covington, all but Declares Victory in his race for Mosquito Control at Local REC Meeting”; “Victoria Baer Makes a 2nd Appearance at Molasses Junction”; The Town Criers Activity Shadowed by Reporters”

There is a revolution going on. Come join the counter- revolution.

Stand up for individual Liberty.

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